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Today in Gear: May 1, 2017

An exclusive Bremont fighter pilot's watch, premium tequila, marine-blue glassware and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: January 16, 2017

Customizable organic tee shirts, a new family of street motorcycles, a jump-enhancing basketball shoe and much more.

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Today in Gear: September 9, 2016

Sony’s upgraded PS4, Mario’s debut on iOS, a new black leather collection from one of our favorite camera-bag makers and more.

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Today in Gear: March 2, 2016

Your favorite hiking trail 3D-immortalized by pros, David Bowie immortalized on translucent vinyl, a day's air quality data immortalized in the cloud and more.

Sega vs. Nintendo

A Modern Man’s Guide to Retro Gaming

Nostalgia makes the original Sonic an appealing option for summer fun, but tracking down a Sega Genesis is easier said than done. We provide a few modern workarounds to help you play your favorite retro titles from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, Dreamcast and Saturn.

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Brace for Betas

High Scorers: 5 Video Games Worth Waiting For

Walk into any these days and you'll be confronted with an incredibly massive library of video games; a new field of consoles (see sidebar below) just adds to the melee. How do you sort the Grand Theft Autos from the ExtremePaintbrawls*? We took a look at the crop of upcoming games for both current-gen and next-gen consoles and found the games you should be looking forward to.

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12 Gift ideas for the sofa spud

12 Guys of Christmas: The Mediaphile

We’ve all got one. Maybe it’s you: The mediaphile in the family who’s impossible to shop for because he has it all and he’s seen it all — twice. His TV? Projected. His surround sound? 9.2. His wardrobe? Needs work. His love of movies and music has been fueled in the past by those enabling...

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Wii for U, and U for Wii

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has just announced the successor to its wildly popular and family friendly Wii system today at E3 — called the Wii U. If the name didn’t clue you in, essentially Nintendo hopes they’ve built a console gaming experience that’s highly entertaining for the entire family and individual gamers. To pull this off, the new...

There Goes Your Fall

James Bond 007: GoldenEye Classic Edition

Pistols in the facility, license to kill! Yes friends, it’s time to think back to those days when school, food and sleep were after thoughts. It’s time to recall the glee of unloading on with the RCP90 from your lofty perch…which conveniently also happened to be right next to an infinite supply of body armor....

One Retro Gaming Device to Rule Them All

Retron 3 Video Gaming System

Video game technology has come a long way from the classic 8 and 16 bit systems many of us at Gear Patrol grew up playing. Despite all of the fancy motion controls, insane cinematic graphics, and online fragging wars these new systems have enabled though, sometimes it’s just nice to step back in time to...

Back in Black

Nintendo Wii Black

Who doesn’t have a soft-spot for the Wii, or Nintendo for that matter? The fact that there are few impromptu party formulas better than Booze+Women+Wii (in that order) is likely to blame. Then again, we know you’ve always secretly wanted a Wii in black, especially one to better match your classic controller or better integrate...

Not The Wavebird But We'll Take It

Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro

Mario Kart Wii is without peer. Four competitive friends + beer = hilarity. But Nintendo classics just aren’t the same with the rectangular Wii control stick (original Nintendo controller notwithstanding). File this one under last months news, but Nintendo recently answered the call with the Wii Classic Controller Pro ($20), and we finally got our...

Nintendo DS Lite – Cobalt Blue/Black

Why a Nintendo DS? Well, how many of you knew that the Nintendo DS is now the best selling game system of all time? 46 million plus systems if you’re a numbers guy. Since the initial launch, the major changes have been colors and this February we get the DS Lite in Cobalt Blue/Black. We’re...

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