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Today in Gear: May 4, 2016

An all-new novel by one of the current greats, an "exhausting" Bluetooth speaker, new Nixon watches and much more.

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Today in Gear: March 18, 2016

A sleeping bag with no zippers, sneakers that tie themselves, a smartwatch for your active lifestyle and much more.

What's New, Now

Today in Gear: February 29, 2016

An ingenious journal (scientifically proven to improve lives), Star Wars for your wrist, the only [compact] camera you'll ever need and more.

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Today in Gear: December 3, 2015

A new motorcycle from Triumph, North Face's most breathable water-repellent shell ever, a go-anywhere projector and more.

Uncomplicated, for your wallet

Buying Guide: Affordable Complications

Watches that simply tell time are a dime a dozen, and sometimes close to a dozen a dime. But start adding more functions and things can get complicated -- and expensive. While we’re just starting to forgive the quartz watch for dealing a near death blow to our beloved mechanical timepieces, there’s no denying that when you want more bang for the buck, battery power is the way to go. You’ll pay dearly for dual time zones, flybacks, alarms and tide trackers on the mechanical side of the fence, but if you’re willing to put up with a tick-tick-tick seconds hand, we’ve found five watches that are happy to complicate your life for under (or around) five hundred dollars.

From Great Watches Comes... Headphones? Yes.

Nixon Nomadic On Ear Headphones

Yes, Nixon makes watches. Nice ones. They also make headphones. Nice ones, at that. So, Gear Patrol secured ourselves a pair to review and we’re happy to report that what you may or (may not) have heard is true, Nixon Headphones not only look great, but sound fantastic, too. The Nixon Nomadic Headphones come in...

One Benjamin Goes Further Than You Think

10 Best Watches Under $100

A wristwatch is a must have for any man. Quite simply, it completes his wardrobe. I would even venture to say that a man looks naked without one. In fact, it’s probably the only universally acceptable accessory for guys. We understand that most of you are in savings mode and while there are extravagant options...

It's Like Wearing A Hockey Puck On My Wrist... and I Like It

Nixon 51-30 PU Chrono

I can always appreciate a well-crafted timepiece with the kind of design and flair that leaves me thinking, “damn, that’s dope!” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think it’s kind of ridiculous to spend a couple G’s on something that tells time. Yeah, it might give your current altitude, something you...

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