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The Hulk to your Smartphone's Bruce Banner

Clamcase Clambook

If your penchant for gaming, music and web surfing through your smartphone is a 10/10, then you might want to put a tickler in your calendar for this holiday season in anticipation of the Clamcase Clambook. With nary a hint


Rhodia Meeting Book

Be it note pads, pocket notebooks, planners, etc., Rhodia not only produces some of the nicer writing materials you can get your hands on. Each one filled with heavyweight paper that's a pleasure to write on, and

Welcome, to the grid


Another day, another notebook. Wait, not so fast. Whether you love the beloved principles of grid-based design (or not), the Gridbook ($26) should help you keep those pesky lines and sketches reigned in and cohesive. Storyboarders, designers and joe-schmo doodlers

Because All Your Notes Are

Very Important Stuff Notepad


Let everyone know what sort of things you're jotting down with this reporter style letterpress notepad. It has 40 pages and recycled Kraft board covers, all held together with metal screw posts. Measuring 7.25"x3.5" its a good pocket size way to

And Ready For Your Handwriting

Billykirk No. 231 Hand-Stitched Journal


If you love your Moleskine's and have a office-supply obsession like we do, the new Billykirk No. 231 Hand-stitched Journal will be right up your alley. With all the quality and high-level craftsmanship you've come to expect from Chris and Kirk