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Two paths diverged in a deli

Up Your Lunch Game with this Healthy Plan

Most of the time we don’t take a full hour out of our workday for a methodical lunch, instead finding ourselves at the corner store, collecting what we can to fill our stomachs. This is where two paths diverge: some go for a fried cutlet sandwich followed by dessert; others cobble together a reasonably healthy meal followed by an average life expectancy. Read on to find out how to get a healthy lunch next time you're eating on the go.

The details are in the diet

Road to Ironman: Swim, Bike, Run, Eat

I was having a conversation with Kyle Kranz, an ultramarathoner and Ironman finisher who works for Skora, a relatively new company in the zero-drop shoe market. (I’ve been running in the Skora Form for the last 100 miles

Smal Bar, Big Taste

Clif Bars Mini

clif-bars-mini-gear-patrolBeing in college and eating a fulfilling, healthy meal is about as hard as narrowing down the long list of analogies the long list of analogies that I mercifully chose not to insert here. Luckily, I've had Clif Bars. The

Strong Enough for Livestrong, Strong Enough For You

FRS Healthy Energy Drink


If you've been on in the last few months, there's no doubt you've seen the ads for FRS featuring an uber-ripped Lance Armstrong. FRS (Free Radical Scavenger) is being touted as the next best thing in the supplement

Be a Better Man in 30 Days | Day 23: Upgrade Meal Time


Today we tackle a domain over which all men love to preside... meal time. Somewhere, somehow the expectation has develop that real men eat steak and potatoes and always go back for seconds. Our culture has been inundated with processed foods,

Balance Bare

balancebare.jpgNo type-o, they're actually called Balance Bare. The new 100 calorie nutritional energy bar from Balance comes in several sweet & salty or trail mix combinations ranging from Chocolate Almond to Cinnamon Oats & Honey The bars contain:

  • 13g of protein
  • 5g of whole grain
  • 23 vitamins and