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Weakness in numbers

Opinion: Off-Roading at the Mall

We Americans. We're proud, we're tough, and we're just not all that purposeful sometimes, are we? Cases in point: we wear work boots to nightclubs to be hip; we wear diving watches and sit at the shallow end of the pool. Most egregiously, perhaps, we drive big SUVs and trucks with locking differentials and barely manage to negotiate speedbumps at the local strip mall parking lot. We want our cake, but only so we can stare at it through the plastic wrap. It's just the way we are. And it's wrong.

Makes its own shortcuts

Bowler EXR S

Niche British car maker Bowler has been making road rally vehicles that can take serious punishment since 1989. Now they've gone all pedestrian on us by making a street-legal passenger vehicle. With the assistance of Land Rover in the creation of

Make the world your speed bump

Local Motors Rally Fighter

The Local Motors Rally Fighter is literally the Frankenstein of the car world and looks like the love child of the Dark Knight’s tumbler and a Maserati Gran Turismo. If its arresting form seems strangely familiar to you, it’s probably because

Four Roar

AEV Brute Double Cab

American Expedition Vehicles has teased more information and photos of their highly anticipated AEV Brute Double Cab -- which will officially launch at SEMA. The ruggedized monster appears to be a double helping of the original Brute launched back

Roam On the Range, Or Anywhere Else You Damn Please

Earth Roamer XV-JP

The Merecedes Benz G-Wagon LAPV 6.X and the Icon CJ3B definitely have off-roading capabilities in spades, but they certainly don't have a Loftop with 9 feet of interior stand up height, a queen-size bed, a 25 gallon fresh water

GP's Bradley & Ben Put Vegas (The Non-Casino Side) Through Its Paces

Gear Patrol Adventure: Vegas Baby!

You might remember our teaser about this feature early last week. You know, that photo of yours truly leaping out of an airplane to his death? Okay okay, some call it skydiving, but that doesn't

Jeep J8 Heavy-Duty

Sorry, You Can't Get One

Jeep J8 Heavy Duty. Grrrrr....

The Jeep J8 Heavy Duty. Further evidence that great vehicles don't always make it to the United States. A diesel powered Jeep makes sense. Not just because