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Bundle Up

Poppin Well-Appointed Desk Set

In the digital age, the analog markers of a thoughtful desk are disappearing faster than our hopes for a 2011-2012 NBA season. Call us old fashioned, but we still find value in having our work stations stand out from the pack

Take It Easy On Your Eyes

Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear

gunnars-glasses Unless you are the one person who is having this article read to you by your valet, chances are good that you are staring a some sort of screen right now. You probably spend a great deal of time doing just

Bachelor Pad 3

bachelor_notepad.jpgYou've got a nice desk, nice pens, but why is your writing medium still the same thing you used when you were in high school? Replace that yellow or pink post-it pad with something of substance. The Bachelor Pad 3 is a made from