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Neat and discreet

LoCa Knax Hook Rails

Coat hooks and racks are a necessary evil in an accessory-laden home, -- but they needn't ruin your decor. Knax (~$100+) retractable hook rails from Danish design company LoCa provide plenty of stylish wall storage when you need it that

Connect the....

Tool Dots

Want one of those organized tool walls you keeping spying in the fictional garages of guys in the hardware store commercials but can't be bothered to hang pegboard? Well, Tool Dots ($12) were created for the lazy neat freak in

Manage Your Machines

Blue Lounge Cable Clips

Gadgets are great and all, but for every device you own, there's usually a cable somewhere that needs to be managed. Duct tape and twist ties are certainly excellent options in a clutch for battling the birds nests of

Be An Organization Tour De Force

Pottery Barn Daily System


Being a bit compulsive, a bit obsessive, and certainly with disorder it's tough to compare myself to Gear Patroller Patrick Tuttle. His tenacity to be on time, with the right goods and gear in hand is inspiring, if not a bit

Organize and store your documents. Neatly.


neatreceipts-box So I just concluded the annual fear fest that accompanies doing my taxes. My return is filed and accepted, hopefully never to be heard from again. Now that that's over, I'd like to make my confession to you, dear Gear Patrol

Kangaroom Charging Station

kangaroom_chargingstation.jpgiPod, cellphone, blackberry, camera. You're overloaded on gadgets and they're probably lying around in multiple locations in your apartment with half dead batteries. Get organized and charged with the Kangaroom cell phone charging station. It's great for you multi-phone users too. It has