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The Butler Wall Organizer

You shouldn't need a life coach to know that leaving your personal items in the same spot every time is a terrific way to keep track of them. The question is, which spot do you choose? The Butler ($170) by

Tame Your Packing Mess

Flight 001 F1 Go Clean Travel Bag Set

Packing before a trip tends to be easier because everything that goes into your luggage is "supposedly" clean. Once you've worn everything on a week-long vacation though is when things get tricky. The shoes you took to the beach still have grains

Rakku Shoe Wheel

Reinventing The Wheel

Rakku-Shoe-Wheel.jpg By Guest Writer and Gear Enthusiast Edward Cheng Living near Los Angeles (or any major city for that matter) has its many perks. One of which is close proximity of hundreds of stores offering a massive selection of shoes. I must

Tumi Packing Cubes

tumi-packing-cubes.jpgGP Protocol Rule #13 states that men should know how to pack. That being the case, having the right luggage and luggage accessories is essential, especially for those longer trips. Luggage stalwart Tumi, has an ingenius luggage accessory aptly named Tumi Packing

OXO Good Grips Pop Container Set

Rule: A Man's Kitchen Should Be Organized

All food and no storage makes Brian an angry boy...

As much as we’d like to keep everything in our lives nice and neat, it’s not always possible. This is

Kangaroom Bedside Saddle

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Some guys don't have the luxury of having a lot of space near their bed. That or they just prefer their clutter unseen. Be it your magazines, iPod, notepad or remote the

Kangaroom Bamboo 3 Pod

kangaroom-Bamboo-3-Pod.jpgThe perpetual problem with having so many gadgets (phone, mp3 player, blackberry, etc) is they just end up strewn across your apartment or desk. Sure, some of them may have docks, but that doesn't alleviate the fact that you're sitting there with four