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Grilling: Recyclable, Natural, To Go

EZ Grill


National Grilling Month may wrap up today, but there's plenty of fair weather ahead to lure you and your dining out of doors. Since Gear Patrol readers tend to be an adventurous lot, it might be handy

Turn Up the Heat with Some California Cool

Element Grill by Fuego


When it comes to buying a grill, there's no doubt that your primary concern is finding a unit that can get the job done. Every man needs a deckhand that will help him sear, char, and grill

I Love the Smell of Lighter Fluid in the Morning

Tactical Grilling Apron


Survival gear is hot these days. With the world economy bottoming out, bombs going off in posh hotels, and threat levels hovering in the orange zone, people are gearing up for the apocalypse. Military chic often surges in popularity during times

Outdoorchef City Grill

citygrill.jpgThose European engineers are clever. The City Grill single burner grill is perfect for those of you with small apartments or patios serving triple duty as a compact bbq grill, oven or range with the flip funnel cooking system. Perfect for the cooking up

Excalibur Pool Lounger

motorized_poolloungechair.jpg Looking like something straight out of SkyMall or Brookstone comes the Excalibur Pool Lounger. Ridiculous purchases at it's finest, it provides you motorized lounging in the pool as you soak in the rays and discreetly eye the 'scenery'. It has two independently joystick-controlled motors/propellers, a

Pottery Barn Outdoor Drinkware

Pottery Barn Outdoor Drinkware Pottery Barn's glassware comes in guest-proof shatter-resistant styles perfect for your envied summer grill outs. They're molded of lightweight polycarbonate – the same material used for bulletproof glass – so they won’t crack


Williams Sonoma Griddle Q Now you can make restaurant-style Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches at home - using your outdoor gas grill. The innovative new Griddle-Q and Oversized Spatula easily transform your grill into a full-size griddle. Large enough to

Weber Genesis E-320 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis E-320 Gas Grill Gentlemen. Break out those ribeyes, salmon steaks, skewers and sirloin burgers. It's time to get grilling. You're epicurean grilling fantasies are about to come delightfully true with the Weber E-320. A bit pricey yes, but just read