Patrick Lee

All will be revealed

Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee wraps up his Travis Chase trilogy with another mind bending, stomach churning adventure. Deep Sky ($8) finds said protagonist and fellow covert Tangent agent Page Campbell on a journey that will take them across the country and through time and reality itself. They are hunting for a secret so sensitive it hasn’t been...

What if there was no future?

Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

Following up his head spinning, stomach churning debut novel, The Breach, author Patrick Lee has once again turned our world on its ear. The clandestine group known only as Tangent has a device of ah, “unknown origin” that opens a portal to the future. Problem is, all of humanity has been wiped out. Now it’s...

The Breach by Patrick Lee

If humans encountered technology millions of years advanced from today’s without having any set of instructions or reason behind it, what would we do? The Breach centers around Travis Chase, who’s fresh out of prison and looking for solo time to regather his life in Alaska when he encounters a downed 747. The catch? Inside...

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