Attack of the Clones

Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One Desktop

The all-in-one desktop market has belonged to Apple since we booted up our first Mac to hunt rabbits and die of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Despite advances from its Windows-based competitors, the iMac has kept users captivated, thanks in large part to its high-density pixel resolution and minimalist design. Taking aim squarely at Cupertino’s...

Thin Wins

Dell XPS 15z

The design of Dell’s new XPS 15z laptop ($999+) may seem familiar to Mac fans, but it’s still a welcome offering to P.C. users overwhelmed by cheap plastic. Touted by Dell as the “thinnest 15.6-inch laptop in existence”, the XPS 15z measures a willowy 0.97 in. thick while still packing plenty of firepower under its...

Slaying the daily grind

Dell Precision M4600 & M6600 Mobile Workstations

A horde of tablets may want your casual digital attention like Hasselhoff wants a cheeseburger, but for those who still require a laptop for more than the occasional Youtube stream, Dell’s new Precision M4600 & M6600 workstations should be the beezneez. In their most ferocious forms, both models can sport an Intel Core i7 Quad...

Lean Back

HP 9300 and 610 TouchSmart PC

Touch screens are all the rage with mobile technology, but touch-enabled desktops are still few and far between. HP originally led the way with the first TouchSmart PC back in 2008, and since then they’ve been continually innovating the line. The HP 9300 and 610 are the two latest additions to the family and the...

I Have the Power!

Origin Eon18 Gaming Laptop

Remember Alienware before it was acquired by Dell in 2006? Its goal was to create ridiculously powerful and customized PC’s for the gaming obsessed. Correction, its goal was to create custom PC’s for the filthy rich, and gaming obsessed. Well once the firm sold out, one of Alienware’s founders Kevin Wasielewski decided to found another...

Sony Vaio LV180J

An All-In-One Desktop with Entertainment Center Dreams Sony’s latest entry into the field of all-in-one desktops takes another big step towards erasing the line between the TV and computer, and we couldn’t be happier. Its computing-based feature set includes a 3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of ram, 256MB Nvidia Geforce video card, and...

ION Slides 2 PC

Kodak Moments, Revisited Most likely, you’ve got a shoebox or tupperware box sitting around at home with some old 35mm film negatives or a crate full of your parent’s slides. Either way, they probably haven’t been looked at in years what with that digital camera snapping away. Slides 2 PC film and silde scanner from...

HP Touchsmart All-In-One PC

HP wants you to think that your keyboard and mouse are passé. Not unlike someone else we know. The Touchsmart PC might good and well make you a believer too. The Touchsmart PC is all about simplicity and sleek design. Out of the box, it only requires you plug the power cable and you’re set....

Lumenlab Qmax

[click on image to enlarge]

Got 10 grand burning a hole in your bank account? Looking for a centerpiece to your entertainment computing system? Well, break out the cards because the Qx is some serious computing - wait for it - integration. Integration what? Well, let's go down the specs and maybe you'll see. This computer is a 42" 1080p LCD monitor built in with 3.0 GHzIntel Core 2 Extrememe processors, XLR8 GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card with a 768MB of GDDR3 overclocked by PNY tp 621MHz from 575MHz. It has 200 MBPS HotwireWith Lumenlab's™ Hotwire™ networking and utilizes Q's powerplug which pars down all the connectivity to one single cable. The choice of HD-DVD or BluRay drive, SPDIF 8.1 channel audio, Noctua silent cooling manufactured in Austria only add to the Q's prowess. What this means to you: You could probably get two comparable Dell computers for the same price, but then no one would be able to stand stupefied at your crazy ass for having such a thing. That is pretty much the worth the cost. Cost: $10,000 @ Lumenlab

The Gamer | Gift Guide 2007

No man ever grows out of his gaming enthusiasm. He just realizes that there are other things more important, but based on our perspective of the ongoing boom in the video game industry, it’s taken very little to convince guys that a controller in their hand is the natural state of life. These gifts are...

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