Care for some light reading?

Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: 1000 of the Greatest Classics

Bring home half a century worth of literary treasures with the Penguin Classics Complete Library ($13,400). Originally released in 2005, the trove of books has evolved to include 1,082 titles (the image above includes some of our personal favorites), which accounts for nearly half a million pages worth of reading. Weighing in at 700 spine...

A Good Refresh Option for Short Season

Original Penguin Solid Canvas Shorts

Warm weather may have come a long time ago for our southern based readers (or for that matter never left in the first place), but for those stationed on the East Coast, it’s just starting to come around. If pulling the shorts you wore last season out of hibernation however has you less than pleased...

Original Penguin Jingle Sneakers

[click on image to enlarge] It’s impossible for me to get enough sneakers. Every year I use three out of the four seasons as an excuse to upgrade my alabaster kicks. A bit much, I know. Enter Original Penguin’s new sneakers, The Jingle. I chose the Midnight/Blue and Highrise/Tango combinations (shown) and dig the modern...

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