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This Week in Culture: July 11, 2014

This Week In Culture: Naked athletes, updates from Middle Earth, Emmy nominations, the World Cup final, books you started to read and more.


The Hobbit 3D Behind the Scenes

Time check. The first Lord of the Rings movie is now 10 years old. Luckily, if you’ve been in middle-earth withdrawal since the last film appeared in 2003, Peter Jackson has decided to don his Tolkien hat once to again to bring The Hobbit to the silver screen — in 3D. Through this behind the...

Peter Jackson Comes Back to Direct

The Lovely Bones

Since the release of King Kong in 2005, over the last 4 years Peter Jackson has taken a brief hiatus from the world of film. District 9, which is now in theaters, finally marked his reintroduction as a producer, but we’ll have to wait until December of this year to see him finally take the...

For Humans Only

District 9

Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp (director of those live action Halo commercials) are behind what might be one of this summer’s better “sleeper” action movies. As much as Peter Jackson really can be “behind” anything, that is. The newly released second trailer reveals Jackson and Blomkamp have got two hours of popcorn stuffing mayhem in...

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