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Dialing it back

VTech Retro Cordless Phone

The new VTech LS6195 ($60) phone can't take pictures, stream video, or connect to Facebook. And, unless you're rocking Hammer pants, it won't fit into your pockets, either. But it can do one thing really well that your current

A peek of what's to come?

Asus Padfone

While you were busy BBQ'n with friends and family yesterday, Asus decided to tease the world with the Padfone. Hard facts really aren't available at this point, but as the picture and videos below illustrate, the main draw of the

1990 Meets 2011

iFusion iPhone Docking Station

The idea of making a wireless phone wired is admittedly strange, but nostalgia for the familiar often drives people to do crazy things. The iFusion ($150) is essentially a Bluetooth speaker dock in traditional telephone clothing. Thanks to A2DP Bluetooth

BT Home Phone

Moshi Moshi 03i Bluetooth Handset

The desire to use a land line-style phone handset as a replacement for talking on advanced devices like the iPhone may seem backwards in many ways. If you happen to use Skype on a regular basis or prefer to talk a

E.T.'s Home Phone?

Moshi Moshi 4

Seemingly ripped straight from the set of The Fifth Element, the Moshi Moshi 04 ($199) is designed by Michael Young and serves as dedicated iPhone charging dock that supports Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology. This enables it to connect up to