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27 Accessories to Make Your Smartphone Smarter

You don’t need us to tell you that smartphones are becoming exceedingly central to our lives; just look at the massive market for phone accessories. Whether you’re a fitness buff, a photographer or an avid traveler, there’s tons of gear for your phone that matches your lifestyle. We've picked our favorites for both the Android and iOS ecosystems.

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Poof Positive

Smoke Drops

Got a Michael Bay-like appetite for capturing destruction, without the matching slush fund to pay for it? Well, $50 can land you a neat bit of photographic trickery, known as Smoke Drops. Imported from Italy by the fine folks at Photojojo, combining a few drops of bottle A with bottle B creates 5 to 10...

Crisp is Good, Blur is Better.

Lo-fi Micro 4/3 Camera Lens

That Olympus or Panasonic micro four thirds camera kit you’ve spent nearly a thousand bucks putting together so proud of shoots gorgeous, crisp photos day in and day out. But then you upload them all to iPhoto and suddenly find yourself feeling underwhelmed with the results. Why? Probably because they lack emotion. No, not weeping...

Frames per second, in seconds

Brinno Time-Lapse Camera

One glance at Viewfinder should prove we’re huge fans of time-lapse videos. Fickle intervalometer settings, stitching photos and exposing your DSLR to mother nature aren’t entirely appealing when you just want to capture a cool storm or sunset. Photojojo to the rescue. The weather-resistant Digital Time-Lapse Camera ($149) from Brinno, makes time-lapses a cinch. Record...

Stick It Like a Polaroid Picture

Twig Pod

If you’ve ever traveled with a tripod you know just how much of a pain they can be. Everything from the odd-sized shape to airport security hassles make them a real turn off for the amateur. Of course, not everyone really wants to shell out hundreds of bucks for an aerospace grade carbon fiber monopod...

The 70's, In An Instant

Polaroid Rainbow SX-70 OneStep Land Camera

Photojojo, known for their offbeat and unique camera products have joined forces with The Impossible Project to develop (pun intended) the Polaroid Rainbow SX-70 OneStep Land Camera ($210). The cameras, originally produced between 1977-1982 are refurbished to full working condition and packaged with a camera strap, two packs of PX-100 instant film, and a heavy...

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