10 from 6,000,000

Sonic Editions x Impossible Cool: The Getty Archives

The specialty print house Sonic Editions and Sean Sullivan’s The Impossible Cool are at it again, following up their first print collaboration with a new volley of ten incredible photographs dug up from over six million photographs found in archives of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Just like the last batch, each image in...

One Facebook Actually Worth Studying

Power: Portraits of World Leaders

We don’t expect everybody to devote their life to understanding the global political arena inside, and out. Still, a firm grasp of the world’s top leadership should definitely be a core part of any man’s mental arsenal. Power: Portraits of World Leaders ($24) helps put faces to the names of 150 current international leaders. Every...

A Photographic Adieu to the End of an Era

Discovery’s Final Launch

After 27 years of operation and 38 missions, the space shuttle Discovery embarked on its 39th, and final mission last Thursday. The shuttle is the world’s most traveled spaceship and has spent nearly a full year in orbit over its lifetime. Though it was a little premature considering there are still two remaining launches left...

9/11 | The Empire State Building

It’s a rainy day here in New York today, perhaps fitting of the date: 9/11. The clouds are unleashing a veritable torrent and one can’t help but think of why. Gear Patrol prides itself by having writers based in a variety of places throughout the U.S., but Manhattan is our home base. It’s a great...

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