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Elements: Plaid

Plaid has a rich history, but it's also just a handsome pattern. Wear it right -- in moderation -- and you’ll look dapper.

Italian Envy

Glanshirt Madras Shirt

Every so often, a man needs a new shirt. Paralyzed by the jungle-like savagery of the average mall, most men fall back on a few classic brands that we are familiar with – Banana Republic, J. Crew, Polo, etc. While his

The Look & Warmth Minus Buyer's Remorse

Old Navy Plaid Flannel Scarf

old-navy-plaid-flannel-scarfThough we won't deny the benefits of owning at least one high quality scarf, that doesn't prevent us from pointing out a bargain when we find one. On sale for less than $9, these classic flannel scarves from Old Navy

Plaid Gets Rad

Gap Plaid (Fall 2009)


In anticipation of Labor Day soon becoming a distant memory, Gap's new line of shirts has your fall look dead in their sights. Based on what we've seen, they're bolstering plaid as the go to pattern in Fall/Winter 2009. That, or