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Elements: Plaid

Plaid has a rich history, but it's also just a handsome pattern. Wear it right -- in moderation -- and you’ll look dapper.

Style Pick: Jack Spade Adler Plaid Button Down

Nice reds and blues, done in a classic check pattern, from a staple brand known for having their pulse on wardrobe needs of today’s upstanding male citizens. Too bad the 4th is still five months away. $185 |

Italian Envy

Glanshirt Madras Shirt

Every so often, a man needs a new shirt. Paralyzed by the jungle-like savagery of the average mall, most men fall back on a few classic brands that we are familiar with – Banana Republic, J. Crew, Polo, etc. While his style is infinitely more on-point, and his wardrobe impeccably tailored, the Italian man is...

The Look & Warmth Minus Buyer's Remorse

Old Navy Plaid Flannel Scarf

Though we won’t deny the benefits of owning at least one high quality scarf, that doesn’t prevent us from pointing out a bargain when we find one. On sale for less than $9, these classic flannel scarves from Old Navy are great for breaking up the solid colors overwhelmingly found on winter outfits. Currently available...

Plaid Gets Rad

Gap Plaid (Fall 2009)

In anticipation of Labor Day soon becoming a distant memory, Gap’s new line of shirts has your fall look dead in their sights. Based on what we’ve seen, they’re bolstering plaid as the go to pattern in Fall/Winter 2009. That, or maybe that’s just our friend over at Allplaidout rubbing off on them. Regardless of...

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