Pocket Squares

Alexander Olch Check Wool Twill Pocket Round

Men's accessory master Alexander Olch has stepped out of the box with a woven "in-the-round" wool-twill pocket companion ($60). It'll even spruce up drab winter attire and transition to spring if you're the type to live dangerously by taunting the sun in a blazer. More importantly, origami skills aren't required. In fact for best results, a certain sloppy swagger is desired. Just pinch from the middle and tuck it into your blazer. Matchey mates will want to grab this companion tie, too.

Style Pick
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12 Guys of Christmas: The Dapper Man

Nothing sets the teeth to rattling like the task of gift buying for a style zealot (except maybe an in-law’s icy glare). Rolled or cuffed? four-in-hand or windsor? Double breasted or single? Brown or black? Personal style is, well, personal; a faux pas can have lasting consequences. That’s why we’re throwing you a life line:...

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Style Pick: MS&Co. Silk Knit Pocket Squares

You’ve managed to get a silk knit tie into your wardrobe, but how about that pocket square? If you’re still relying on razor-edged whites, and just can’t muster up the courage for paisley, consider MS&Co’s dashing new silk knit pocket square. Measuring 6.5″ by 6.5,” these squares add a pop of texture and work stuffed,...

Style Pick: Izola Handkerchief Sets

Scoff all you want at the dandy-esque ways of the handkerchief carrier — that is, until the fair lady between the two of you at the bar accidentally spills her drink and all you’ve got is a paper napkin. Make no mistake; the charms of a freshly laundered pocket square aren’t lost on a damsel...

Spruce Up for Spring

J. Crew Spring 2011 Collection Pocket Squares

Treat your inner dandy to some new flair in the form of these J. Crew Spring 2011 Collection Pocket Squares ($40). Each option in the set is distinctively masculine (re: no paisley) while still adding a bit more pop than your classic Don Draper white. There’s even a couple produced by Hill-Side. Add one to...

Southern Pocket Flair

Hamilton 1883 Pocket Squares

The dapper gent behind Sartorially Inclined has brought to our attention Hamilton’s decision to release a collection of 1883 pockets squares. Cut from their high quality made to order material, the unique styles are priced between $35-$45. Unfortunately they aren’t up for sale just yet via their online store, but if the sight of a...

Fall Together Now

Apolis Activism Accessory Bundle

For those who love the ultra-matchy look, the Apolis Activism accessory bundle ($106) makes things easy for fall. Sold for $42 less than buying every piece a la carte, the set includes one 78″ x 9″ scarf, a 21″ x 21″ bandanna, and a 16″ x 16″ pocket square. Each piece is made of 100%...

Squared, Not Square

The Hill-Side | Ties, Pocket Squares, Handkerchiefs

Between your new love of vintage style and the goods that you own, there lies a gap. Perhaps. Perhaps that gap is between the highly structured ties of your college/job interview days and the style of tie befitting of your weekender lifestyle. Designer Emil Corsillo’s new brand of ties, The Hill-Side, has launched their inaugural...

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