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Oru Folding Kayak

Who hasn’t found themselves looking across a pond, lake, river or ocean with a desire to explore but absent the means to do so? With the Oru folding kayak, a whole new world of paddling exploration just opened up. The

Maxtor OneTouch 4 Mini Portable Hard Drive


It goes without saying that most everyone has experienced a situation where they wished they had backed up their hard drive or opted for the larger hard drive option. Whether you're a music download crazed maniac, photographer, or just don't have the ability to throw

Graf-Lantz The Quiver


The Quiver will instantly catapult you into women's "make my girlfriends jealous with the story about my date" category. Next time you're heading out to the park, an early spring shore visit or just relaxing in the comfort of her patio use the Quiver

Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar

max.benjamin.mini.cigar.bar.case.jpgFew things are nicer than winding down a stressful week with a nice cigar. If your lifestyle requires travel or you just prefer enjoying a nice stogie outside of the realms of a leather clad lounge chair then the Max Benjamin Mini