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2012 Toyota Prius: Progressive

You like to make your own way and your individualism isn’t the kind that draws throngs of onlookers waiting to witness a monument to poor choices. Derivative themes, styling and the kind of originality that comes out of a copy machine are everywhere. But what if you could set a goal of creating a car...

Another look at everyday

2012 Toyota Prius: Proven

You tried to impress that cute, dazzingly brilliant brunette in high school by attempting to do a hundred pushups. Sadly, you had the gumption but not the chops, having never done more than beginners Pilates. So, what does it mean for a car to stake its claim in the automotive market and prove itself to...

Another look at everyday

2012 Toyota Prius: Practical

GEAR PATROL SPONSORED POST Our love for apex hitting, rubber roasting and Corinthian leather ensconcing automobiles will never waiver, but we also have a mind for cars that deliver something real-worldy in a way that makes an actual difference. There are a handful of cars that approach their intended purpose with all the focus and...

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Behind the Wheel | C’ing is Believing: 2012 Toyota Prius C

When it comes to cars, we spend most of our time fixated on rides that churn through a gallon of gas faster than a fat kid eats twinkies. Yet for all of our love for “driver’s cars”, we still acknowledge that practicality should be a major consideration when it comes to selecting a primary ride....

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