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Cushion for Pushin’: Maximalist Running Shoes

Is "maximalist" the next big thing in running? There's certainly a lot to love. GP puts rubber to the pavement to see how seven different options stack up.

It's a Type III for the Type B

Kit: Karmann Ghia Type 34

The Karmann Ghia Type 34 is a rare car that oozes cool from its tall front windshield, simple greenhouse, gorgeous flat body and a wraparound crease that stretches all the way from the curved nose to the tail. This also places a burden on its driver, who needs to look like a distinguished gentleman to match his distinguished car. We've gathered the right kit for your outings in this crisp German coupe.

Open-Air Essentials

Kit: Fall Convertible Driving

If you're one of the truly fortunate gents who owns a convertible and lives in Florida or SoCal, you can cruise year-round while your snowed-in friends send seething text messages of envy. And if you're the (still pretty fortunate) cooler-clime convertible owner shooting off those angry texts? Well, you're fast running out of time to enjoy the benefits of your soft (or retractable hard top) steed. But if you prep properly, you can still squeeze in a few more chilly weekends. We've got all the gear you need to keep warm(ish) and stylish as you top-down drive to your heart's content.


Today in Gear: March 21, 2013

Canon-EOS-Rebel-SL1- Canon EOS Rebel SL1
The latest addition to the EOS family takes the crown as the smallest and lightest DSLR on the market today. Though it weighs a mere 14 ounces, it still packs a 18-megapixel APS-C sensor as

Fast Feet

Puma v1.11 Cleats

With the Women's World Cup kicking off we've gotten a bit of the fútbol bug around the office. In that spirit, Puma has recently released their latest flagship soccer cleat the v1.11 ($180) and it's fast. With a

Step towards natural running

Puma Faas 300

Despite the "less is more" trend in running shoes, it can be tough for a runner to make the drastic transition if they're accustomed to full support runners. Going the bio-mechanically correct barefoot approach is a step far easier said than

New year, new shoes

Puma Cell Sorai Running Shoe

The new year always inspires a renewed determination to be healthier, fitter, and lead a more active lifestyle. The nine pounds of beef you had during the holidays certainly did not help. Perhaps a new pair of kicks is just

Function Fused with Style and Innovation

PUMA Cell Fusion Golf Shoes


As much as we hate to admit it, golf is a sport all about vanity. Some choose their clubs not based solely upon performance, but also based on how they look at address and how they look in our bag.

Puma Cell Meio

puma-cell-meio.jpgIf you're looking for a sharp pair of sneakers that will follow you from the gym to a night out then the Puma Cell Meio may be one of your better bets out there. The Cell Meio blends a dress shoe style upper

Alexander McQueen | Puma AMQ Tendon Low Sneakers


The AMQ Tendon Low sneaker is a product that demonstrates good things can come from co-designed products. The Alexander McQueen line from PUMA is a one you probably don't know about but should.

Our recent procurement of the AMQ Tendon Low is a mix

Puma Cell Therid Shoes

puma_cell_therid.jpgInspiration for the Cell Therid line from PUMA comes from the spider's web. The shoe rests on a heel designed with a unique A-frame web design that is not only strong but also in it's ability to provide cushioning. They equate it to

PUMApalooza Golf Tournament

Pumapalooza Golf Tournament It's Not Your Father's Golf Tournament. It's Not Your Mother's Either. Why spend 4 or 5 hours chasing a little ball around a well-manicured lawn when you and two friends can compete in an exclusive 9-hole competition brought to you by PUMA