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Part Caddy. Part Machine. All Cup.


robocup_2 Sometimes you encounter a product so simplistic in its design that you're taken aback by how effectively it works.  The first time I saw the RoboCup in action, it struck me as odd that no one had thought of this

EEZ-Read Putting Aid


A dozen lessons later and $1000 poorer, you're still no closer to mastering your putting game. In fact, you're still 3-putting every hole. Let us introduce you to a device that just might help you improve your putting. The EEZ Read is an amazing

My Mini Golf

myminigolf.jpgMyMiniGolf brings mini golf to your backyard or really anywhere you have a flat surface. You can place the obstacles in any arrangement essentially creating as many difficult or simple holes. Double up the sets and let your mini golf imagination go at

Pit Green Micro Golfer

pit_golfer.jpg Don't dismiss this to just an overpriced toy, this precision-made micro golfer plays like the real thing. Four clubs - driver, iron, chipper and putter are cast and coated to behave exactly as their larger counterparts. It's all packaged in a small case, allowing

Golf Greens “Fore” U

Home putting green from Golf Greens Imagine looking at this every morning out your kitchen window. Got a home? Are you a man? Do you like cool things? Well, probably so if you're reading