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Style Q&A: A Plain-Front Guy in a Pleated World

qanda-with-torrey-mcmurray1 I'm 27 years old and work in a pretty conservative law firm. It seems like all the men wear suits with pleated pants. I feel like that's not a good look for me but I don't want to be that guy

Style Q&A: Wearing Brown or Black with Navy

qanda-with-torrey-mcmurray1 This is an age old question, but I'm still unsure about the answer. Are brown shoes kosher to wear with navy suits?

- Roger D.

answer-iconThis is a question that keeps popping up from time

Style Q&A: Finding The Right Dress Shoes

qanda-with-torrey-mcmurray1I’m in the market for some new dress shoes. I don’t mind spending more for them knowing that I will wear them 5 days a week or so. Can you point me to a brand for a well-made shoe that’s going