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And, No, We Aren't Interested In Your Latest Facebook Update

Question: What’s Your Status?

relationship-poll One of the best things about Gear Patrol is that it brings together men of all walks. We like to think our fine humble community serves as a veritable melting-pot for men of all stripes; your comments tell us that you

A Man Walks Into A Bar...

Question: How Much Do You Tip? Basic Tipping Rules & Guidelines


A man should know his way around basic tipping etiquette, but the rules can get complex - especially when you travel. Certain axioms apply when it comes to tipping, and here are some basic guidelines we've compiled for you. More importantly,

Question: Are You a Planner?


"I love it when a plan comes together". - Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith, The A-Team It's become a popular self-help topic - planning. From 5-year career plans (I always hated those during interviews), to financial planning, to New Year's planning, to backwards

A Man Should Know How To Relax

Question: How Do You Blow Off Steam?


We live in crazy times. Between a faltering economy, an epidemic of swine flu and real life pirates, men have plenty to be stressed about. But that doesn't mean you should forgo living and enjoying life. In the words of

Share Your Suggestions For A Chance At A $50 Gas Card From BP!

Question: What’s Your Favorite Road Trip Destination?


Gas prices are halfway reasonable (for the time being). Airplanes are overbooked and probably going to start charging for oxygen. And well, the weather's warming up and its time to drive further than the damn office. One of the greatest rights of

Question: What Are The Best Groomsmen’s Gifts?

best-groomsman-gifts Selecting the perfect groomsman's gift is not a task to be taken lightly. Your gift represents not only a hearty "thank you for standing by me through the thick of it" but is also a reflection of your bond with your

Win Beer Mugs From Crate & Barrel

Question: What’s Your Favorite Beer?

crate-and-barrel-straton-mugIt's Monday morning and we've already got beer on our minds. Actually, its always on our minds. We figure, with the weekend having just passed, you probably remember (or not) what beer you partook in. Drop us a comment with your favorite,