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Slip 'n' slide on any tide


We’ve covered a lot of kayaks in the past – some built for speed, some for comfort. But this is a totally different animal. The out-of-the-box folks at Bellyak have taken inspiration from the kayak and created what they

Balanced for boogieing

Saltwood Reggie Carbon Fiber Paddle

Saltwood Paddles are a true stroke master's delight -- remember the topic is watersports folks. After all, the small Portland, Oregon based company was founded to scratch its own itch for a better paddle. The Reggie, one of their four trademark

OARS Klinaklini River Heli-Rafting Adventure


Heli-rafting. How damn awesome does that sound? Makes you want to just stand up and yell out a guttural roar of "I heli-raft therefore I am man." Read the OARS itinerary overview and you might know what your next big splurge (figuratively and