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It's Like Some Kind of Shaving Cream Time Machine...

Portland General Store Tobacco Wet Shave Jelly

By Gear Patrol Reader Amos Kwon

Tired of confusing your shaving cream for a can of Reddi-Whip? Annoyed with the green, gelatinous crust that grows overnight on the lip of said can? Then it's time to engage the flux capacitor and visit

Don't Just Hold Your Pants Up

Patagonia Friction Belt


By Gear Patrol Reader Brett Prior The Patagonia Friction Belt breaks away from the dreary leather belt that often straps in our whimsical being. After looking for the perfect belt for well over a year, I finally realized that I was looking

You Never Know, They Could Save Your Life

Survival Straps Bracelets

Photo Courtesy of Ben Dahl

Submitted by Gear Patrol Reader Ben Dahl

If there was only one requirement of a survival product (outside of saving your a$%, obviously) it would be versatility. Guns, rations, and flashlights are all necessary, but they lack versatility.

Serious Boots for Serious Outdoors Men

Scarpa Mountaineering Boots

scarpa_manta_gsb_bootPhoto Credit:

By Gear Patrol Reader Austin Church The rocky outcroppings and snow-filled couloirs of the Teton range look like the knuckles of a clenched fist. The mountains stay white late into the summer months, and no Stairmaster or

Put's the "Must" in "Must-See"

The Hurt Locker

hurt-locker-lead-image By Gear Patrol Reader Philippe Iujvidin: The Hurt Locker is the latest in a batch of Iraq War films; Jarhead, The Kingdom, Rendition, and Stop-Loss are others that come to mind. The Hurt Locker can be only loosely tied to these other

Gear Patrol Gets Powered Up

What’s the Goo (Or Best Energy Bar) for You?

which-energy-bar-lead-image1 By Gear Patrol Reader Kirk Ward When walking into your favorite running, biking, or sporting goods store, you’re usually confronted with a variety of powders, gels, bars, etc. that promise to make you RUN FASTER, GO FURTHER, LIFT A SMALL AIRPLANE, CLIMB

Stays on Strong, Takes Off Easy

ODI Bike Grips

odi-locking-grips-lead-image By Gear Patrol Reader Drew Hildebrand: The guys at Gear Patrol seem to have it in their heads that members of the untapped masses can write up a worthwhile gear review, so out of some bizarre compulsion I decided, “What the hell!”