From Baja to Brooklyn

How to Make the Perfect Fish Taco

We traveled to Brooklyn, where the executive chef of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. ran us through the ins and outs of the perfect fish taco, from choosing the right fish to channeling the art of simplicity.

The Surfing Issue
From Chef Josh Berry at Union, Portland, ME

How to Make: Pan-Seared Cod

Chef Josh Berry thinks farm-to-table has gone stale. His recipe for local, line-caught, day boat, Casco Bay cod paired with Hong Kong fermented sausages and soy brown butter leaves the status quo behind.

Mexiterrean-Style with Cucumber and Radish

How to Make: Chocolate Clam Ceviche

Native to the coastal lagoons of western Mexico, chocolate clams are the briny star of this versatile ceviche recipe. Refreshing and savory, it's perfect for summer.

New Hampshire's Nostalgic Oats

How to Make: 30-Minute Granola

Do you love granola? Make it yourself. This recipe for homemade granola is nutritious, delicious, and takes less than 30 minutes to make.

The Breakfast Issue
A Breakfast From Brazil

How to Make: The Açaí Bowl

Açaí, the Brazilian berry, is a longtime staple in the surfing community. And it may be the best healthy breakfast you haven't tried.

The Breakfast Issue
A Meal of Russian Roulette

How to Make: Grilled Shishito Peppers Over a Campfire

Eating shishito peppers is often dubbed the "Russian roulette" of the culinary world due to their unpredictable heat levels. They're fun, easy to cook, and go great with beer. Try them this summer.

From Chef Paulina Corvalan

How to Make: Asian-Style Stir Fry Paua

Great chefs use the best ingredients, and fresh-caught paua is an ur-ingredient. Chef Paulina Corvalan does a small bit to make it just a touch better.

The New Zealand Issue
The Understated Glory of Secondary Cuts

How to Make: Skirt Steak with Iceberg Wedge

Celebrity chef Al Brown's favorite recipe from his restaurant Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar is a celebration of secondary cuts and vegetables.

The New Zealand Issue
Pairing Two Cuisine Cultures, Off the Cuff

The Dish: Italian Pasta, Chinese Technique

Ed Schoenfeld, co-founder two top-tier NYC Chinese restaurants, heads into his pantry and cooks a true fusion dish, off the cuff.

Hunt like a Man, Cook like a Chef, Eat like a King

The Dish: Charcoal-Grilled Pheasant

Pheasant has flown across the world, landing in dozens of cultures' kitchens over the centuries. And for good reason: it's delicious. Bryce Shuman, head chef at NYC's Betony, provides a step-by-step guide to cooking pheasant over a charcoal grill.

Sportsman Issue
Wild Kentucky Catfish Over Beer Cheese Grits

Recipe: Drunk Kentucky Catfish

The Harrison-Smith House in Bardstown, Kentucky is a centuries old family mansion converted into a premiere restaurant, serving local cuisine amplified by knowledgable Head Chef Newman Miller. The atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming and the bourbon is some of the best you'll find anywhere. Here's a recipe from their November menu.

The Bourbon Issue
Home Cooking Gets an Upgrade

Inside the New American Supper Club

Underground supper clubs, where strangers eat home-cooked meals made by professional chefs, are spreading throughout America. Gear Patrol sat down at one in Brooklyn, New York to see firsthand where the trend's headed.

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