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Kickstarter: The Bridge

Companies like Logitech have done a decent job of providing consumers with an easy to use solution for controlling most IR-based home theater components -- but if you like to take things literally, they still don't deserve the title of "universal"

In Control

Logitech Harmony Link

There are a handful of companies out there already trying to turn your smartphone or tablet into the universal remote of your dreams, but none of them has the home theater chops of Logitech. Now, after years of making the best

Think of It Like a Personal Assistant for Couch Potatos

IKEA FLĂ–RT Remote Control Pocket

ikea_flort_remote_control_p1We had a slight internal debate about whether this latest Swedish organization product was tacky or useful. After discovering it cost a mere $5 though, we figured it's cheap enough that you wouldn't feel guilty throwing it away should it perturb your

The Palm-Sized Control Solution for Windows Users

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard


Powerpoint-addicted road warriors and control freaks alike should appreciate the relatively low-key release of Lenovo's multimedia remote with keyboard. Small enough to be used with one hand, the "remote" features 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse with track ball and communicates with

The One Remote to Rule Them All

Logitech Harmony 900 Universal Remote


Clutter is something the editors here at Gear Patrol hate. While you might have an excuse for rocking an unkempt desk, your coffee table deserves order. If you're still rocking a pile of remotes, having failed to buy a Logitech

ESPN Ultimate Remote

ESPN-Ultimate-Remote-universal-remote-control.jpgJust when you thought you couldn’t get enough sports data crammed into your life, with 10 ESPN channels in 11 different languages, ESPN finds a way. That’s right guys, the ESPN universal remote is the real deal and not a hoax. Like any