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Call your shots

Restoration Hardware Golf Ball Personalizer

Golf is a game that takes all of your concentration, while still demanding that you relax. You don’t need another task, like figuring out if you got your own ball mixed up with someone else’s — unless, of course, their shot happens to be in the middle of the fairway. The stainless steel Restoration Hardware...

Mad lavatory

Restoration Hardware 1930s Laboratory Collection

Walk into any fraternity house bathroom and you may begin to understand the accidental genius behind Restoration Hardware’s 1930s Stainless Steel Laboratory Collection. Obviously made with more refined guys in mind, the bathroom collection of vanities and storage cabinets boasts zinc hardware and rounded finishes throughout, as well as customizable Italian marble tops and beveled...

Roll up and roll out

Restoration Hardware Rollup Travel Charger

Highlighting electronics accessories from a company like Restoration Hardware will always be a little difficult for us, since making furniture that both Dr. Evil and Dr. Jones could feel comfortable decorating their offices with is clearly their main focus. Still, this tasteful roll up travel charger ($50) packs too much convenience in such a classic-looking...

Blackhawk (for your) Down

Blackhawk Chest

The antithesis to your flat-packed chest of drawers, the hand-made aircraft-inspired Blackhawk Chest ($1,495-$1,995) supplants an otherwise staid piece of furniture into an instant centerpiece. Bedecked in matte patchwork aluminum panels with rounded corners the 2 or 3 drawer chest features exposed steel screws, inset drawer pulls and black cotton canvas lined drawers. Can a...

By way of High Holborne

Circa 1880 London Map

Bring home the streets of mystery Sir Arthur Conan Doyle envisioned for Sherlock Holmes and Watson with this massive 68″ by 60″ reproduction of the “New Map of London”, circa 1880. Originally etched by historic cartographer G.W. Bacon & Co, the wall-ensconcing map is acrylic glazed and framed in black wood. Guaranteed to satisfy even...

Triple wood score

Vintage Edition Scrabble

This year, why not turn the iPad and iPhones off, fire up the hearth, and invite the friends you’ve been playing Words With Friends over for some real Scrabble — vintage style. Get your lexicon crusades going on the Vintage Edition Scrabble ($199). The board features a raised grid and atop its solid hardwood cabinet,...

First Class

1930’s French Postal Desk

Consider this. If you’re one of the lucky men who aren’t “assigned” a desk by some faceless human resources minion (work from home) then heaven forbid you relegate yourself to IKEA furniture. This antique French postal desk from Restoration Hardware isn’t a desk for the faint wallet. The design is simple yet effective. A broad...

Inspired by the Sea to Help You See

Royal Marine Tripod Table Lamp

Sailors bound to an office instead of their boat can still showcase their nautical leanings to colleagues with this Royal Marine Tripod Table Lamp ($395). More than just a clever design for supporting a light bulb, instead Restoration Hardware has meticulously reproduced the construction of a British surveyor’s tripod complete with machine-turned gear mechanism and...

Cool As a Titanic Relic and Priced Accordingly

Vintage Cigar Leather Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk Desk

We can’t afford it either, but this commissioned desk by Restoration Hardware makes us wish we were willing to dedicate a larger portion of our tax return on “unnecessarily expensive and cool things for home”.

A Bon Voyage State of Mind for Your Bedroom

Mayfair Steamer Double Chest by Restoration Hardware

Recalling the look of vintage steamer trunks from back when traveling glamorously meant whittling away the time in lavish passenger liners’ suites playing cards with a drink in hand, this beautiful dresser is aimed at those with cash to burn and a love of adventure. Constructed of a solid wood frame covered with handmade distressed...

Industrial Utility, Home Use

Restoration Hardware Industrial Utility Laundry Carts

Made here in the USA for Restoration Hardware, these Industrial Utility Laundry Carts by Dandux are the same carts that hotels, restaurants, and the US government have been using since the early 20th century. As you can tell, they exude industrial chic with their steel frame, heavy-duty canvas, snap-in divider for laundry separation, wood base,...

What's In Your Suitcase?

Restoration Hardware LP Converter Table

The LP Converter Table is an unexpected product spied on a recent visit to Restoration Hardware. The LP Converter Table comes housed in a 1960’s-style vinyl suitcase that not only plays your old LPs, but lets you rip them into MP3s using your computer’s USB (B to A) input for burning to CDs or play...

A Coffee Table Fit for Daniel Plainview

Restoration Hardware Vintage Furniture Factory Cart

If you appreciate vintage over modern, then you’re likely to take a look at the Vintage Furniture Factory Cart, sold by Restoration Hardware, and immediately want to build an entire room around it. Personally, I’ll take restored vintage over modern (though I prefer a nice mix), but this piece is entirely too unique not to...

A Man's Chair Is His Other Best Friend

10 Chairs Fit For A Man

One of man’s essentials is his chair. He does much in this chair. He watches sports on his HDTV, he reads his Kindle, he browses Gear Patrol on his laptop, he reads books, he avoids annoying phone calls, he sips on his favorite beverage, he ponders, he thinks. Stop relegating yourself to the tattered La-Z-Boy...

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