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Leave your heart, not your wallet in...

Stay | Harbour Court Hotel: San Francisco

After quite a few reader requests for hotel, destination, adventure and travel recommendations, we're embarking on a new series of posts called Stay. Culled together from both crew and reader insights, Stay will highlight both exciting and achievable travel

Out of the shadows and into the light

Behind the Wheel: 2011 Suzuki Kizashi Sport

For some time now, Suzuki vehicles have widely been considered sub-par automobiles -- barely passing muster as basic transportation. Their designs have slightly improved over the past several years but build quality has continually been an issue. Well, roll the automotive

Swine Sublime

The Publican Restaurant

Aside from exotic cars, sports and beautiful women, beer and pork rank high on the list of things that occupy significant brain space for most red-blooded men. Combine these modern day nectar and ambrosia with a massive, communal walnut table

Put's the "Must" in "Must-See"

The Hurt Locker

hurt-locker-lead-image By Gear Patrol Reader Philippe Iujvidin: The Hurt Locker is the latest in a batch of Iraq War films; Jarhead, The Kingdom, Rendition, and Stop-Loss are others that come to mind. The Hurt Locker can be only loosely tied to these other

A Gripping, First-Hand Account from a WWI Soldier

Storm of Steel

storm_of_steel As men, rightly or wrongly, we are judged by our bookshelves. Our reading choices speak to who we are intellectually, as well as what kind of men we are. Every man’s bookshelf should contain a book about war, and

Volkswagen Passat CC Review


By Jay Shoemaker | The Truth About Cars

The CC stood out like a swan amidst a gaggle of homely Jetta ducklings on the VW dealer's lot, its aesthetic appeal undeniable. In contrast with the company's marketing approach with the Phaeton, the CC is

2008 BMW M3 vs. 2008 Audi RS4 Review


By Mike Solowiow
The Truth About Cars

The fact that we’re even having this discussion tells you how far Audi’s come in the uber-sports sedan sweepstakes. Normally, this comparo would write itself. BMW M3 = driver’s car with super smooth, vicious punch. Audi

Gear Patrol + The Truth About Cars


Gentlemen, we're pleased to announce that Gear Patrol and The Truth About Cars are teaming up to bring you The Truth About Cars fiercely independent expert car reviews on Gear Patrol. We'll be highlighting a new T.T.A.C. vehicle review on Gear Patrol every

Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks

devil-may-care-new-james-bond-novel-sebastian-faulks.jpgWith a name like Sebastian Faulks, you might think it was one of the series' characters authoring the new James Bond novel, but alas Faulks is real and he's done a bang-up job with Devil May Care. The latest chapter in the spy's life

OneRepublic | Dreaming Out Loud

onerepublic-dreaming-out-loud-album-cover.jpgSomewhere in between The Cure and U2 lies OneRepublic. An anthemic rock band from Colorado Springs (insert requisite comparisons to The Fray here). Lead by singer/pianist/producer Ryan Tedder and lead guitarist Zach Filkins, OneRepublic's latest album shows that some good can come from MySpace.

The Roots | Rising Down

the-roots-rising-down-album-cover.jpgI was put onto the roots a couple years back. Their blend of hip hop with live instrumentals gives them that distinct sound and sets them apart from the other groups we hear polluting the sound waves. The Grammy award-winning group has just released

The Dark Knight

[click on image to enlarge]

Question. Why is Christian Bale such a badass? Answer. This poster. Cost: $8-$11 at your local theater June 17th

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand-Theft-Auto-IV-box-art.jpgIf you haven't been living in a cave then you know that Grand Theft Auto IV is the fourth installment of Rockstar Games popular series. GTA IV has you playing the role of Niko Bellic, an immigrant straight off the boat from Eastern

Cloverfield the aspirin. Clovefield is about to hit the shelves and your movie collection. The migraine inducing film will no doubt raise your hopes that one day internet will be teeming with shaky handheld movies of the same caliber but lets not get

There Will Be Blood "I'll drink your milkshake." Quote of the year. Only Daniel Day-Lewis could make it so and not a response to Kelis' overplayed song. If you don't know what we're talking to then you need to buy There Will Be Blood now, watch it and

The Big Kahuna at AJ’s Steakhouse

ajs.steakhouse.steak.image.jpgAs a guy we imagine you've probably had your fair share of steaks. Cutting into a juicy searing hot medium rare porterhouse falls into the top 10 reasons why you love being a guy. If you're ever in or passing through the Iowa area