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Today in Gear: February, 19, 2014

Today in gear, we discuss Roland's resurrected drum machine, galactic wonder shoes, Canon's latest compact champion, Jordan and his Jordans and more.

Drummer (Oh) Boy

Roland TD-30KV Electronic Drums

Would you pay nearly $10,000 for one of the quietest drum kits in the world? Even if your upstairs neighbors won't pitch in, the Roland TD-30KV could make it worth every penny. Representing the pinnacle of their V-Drum technology, the Roland

Bronze is beautiful

Timekeeping: Olivier Watches Bronze Diver

If there were a contest for the "it" metal for dive watches in 2011, hands down the gold medal would go to... bronze. Yup, 2011 was the year of bronze, which at first blush might seem to be

Roland HD-1 V-Drums

roland.hd-1.v-drums.kit.thumb.jpgNo, this is not a new peripheral to Rockband. It's the Roland HD-1 V-Drum kit. Your aspirations of having Dave Grohl's entourage surrounding you as you throw down mind shattering beats aren't guaranteed, but you will be surrounded by