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Today in Gear: April 4, 2016

A dual-purpose snow/bike helmet, soap that cleans and entertains, a multitasking garage-door opener and much more.

Elbow grease optional

Kit: Automotive DIY Done Right

Winter has the propensity to put a hurtin’ on your car, but those cold memories can easily be replaced with the right kind of DIY TLC. You don’t have to be the third member of Car Talk to find success in the confines of your own home garage -- you just need the right tools and gear. (OK, and maybe a few tips from Tom and Ray won't hurt.) The Home Depot is the place to get prepped for your home-mechanic needs.

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Today in Gear: May 24, 2013

Ryobi One+ 18V Hybrid String Trimmer Call this Ryobi the Pinocchio of lawn tools — while there’s no lying involved, you can power it with an extension cord or cut its proverbial strings to run on real-boy lithium ion battery power. ryobitools.com Persol Vintage Celebration Frames Ever the epitome of eyewear style, Persol is reintroducing...

Cut the cord... and the grass

Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower

Cutting your grass is a necessary evil of home ownership, especially when the temperature outside is like the surface of Mercury. Ugh. Well, you can rid yourself of gas fumes and pesky electric cords (yeah, run that over) with the Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower ($399). Using Ryobi’s new super-versatile 40V Li-ion battery from their Outdoor...

Third eye not so blind

Ryobi TEK4 Inspection Scope

Just like your own personal periscope, the Ryobi TEK4 Inspection Scope can go where your head and eyeballs can’t. Better than cramming your face through a wall or snaking your meaty forearms through a small space under the hood of your car, this scope has a 3 foot camera cable that’s waterproof, along with a...

Monitor From a Cool Distance

Ryobi TEK4 Professional Infrared Thermometer

One way to test the heat of your grill is to step right up, look at the grill temp gauge, and feel the burn on your already steamed person. Ryobi on the other hand offers a pleasant alternative with the Ryobi TEK4 Professional Infrared Thermometer ($69). As a point-and-shoot infrared thermometer, it instantly measures grill...

All Charged Up

Ryobi TEK 4 Cordless Electronic Tools

Ryobi hit the nail on the head with its well thought out TEK 4 line of battery-powered tools. Cordless tools are nothing new, what with all the saws and drills out there that get their juice from battery packs. However, the TEK 4 line-up addresses home improvement and job site needs with a new twist...

Because a Clean Paint Brush is a Happy Paint Brush

Ryobi Paint Brush Cleaner

There’s no better way to freshen, brighten, personalize, or revive your home than with a fresh coat of paint. This author has seen his fair share of interior latex flung far and wide, from wall to wall. Within a year of moving into our current domicile, we’d painted every square inch of wall and trim...

3 Keys. Tracked, Secured, and Saved

Ryobi Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box

Venerable power tool manufacturer Ryobi has rolled out a new set of tech focused tools called Ryobi Tek4 and Gear Patrol has got our hands on a few of them. We’ll be doing a review on the more traditional tools in the coming weeks, but we thought we’d share with you one that we found...

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