The Everest of Sailing

The Boats, Crew and Route of the Around-the-World Volvo Ocean Race

In the past decade, the Volvo Ocean Race has seen boats dismasted and sunk, sailors break bones and lose teeth -- and in one tragedy, a Dutch crew member washed overboard and was killed. It’s no wonder the race is called the “Everest of sailing”. Here's a primer on the latest edition Volvo Ocean Race, beginning October 11, 2014.

Break Boat

Surviving the Rolex Big Boat Series

The Rolex Big Boat Series is known by participants as the “Break Boat Series” for the toll it takes on boats and crews over four days of racing. GP's Jason Heaton braved San Francisco Bay's gusty winds and waves for a firsthand account.

Farr and Away

Viewfinder: The Farr 40s

Hot on the heels of the Rolex Big Boat Series is the Rolex Farr 40 World Championships, which will be held in San Francisco Bay starting on October 15. The Farr 40 is considered one of the most beautiful and classic yachts, designed from the keel up to race.

CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race

30 Minutes With: Knut Frostad

How do you popularize an obscure sporting event that runs through the remotest oceans for three quarters of a year? That is Knut Frostad’s task as CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race, a round-the-world yachting competition that takes place every two years. We sat down with Frostad in Newport, Rhode Island, which will serve as a stopover in the upcoming race, to discuss its global appeal.

Taking the Long Way 'Round

Photo Essay: Sailing with Team Alvimedica of the Volvo Ocean Race

Unlike the America’s Cup, which is all about speed over a short distance, the Volvo Ocean Race is a challenge of endurance. In this year’s running of the race, starting in October in Alicante, Spain, crews of eight sailors will race around the globe in stages lasting up to four weeks at a time, stopping in various ports such as Capetown, Auckland and Newport along the way. We set sail with Team Alvimedica as they trained out of their home port of Newport, Rhode Island.

Summer Preview 2015
Ketch of the Day

Photo Essay: Sailing with Officine Panerai

The nautical lifestyle, with its mix of refinement, adventure and expensive equipment, makes a natural fit for luxury timepieces. Officine Panerai does things a little differently than other brands. Rather than go for the cutting-edge carbon fiber multi-hull racing scene, the storied Italian watchmaker takes a more nostalgic view on sailing by sponsoring a series of classic yacht regattas up and down New England. We were invited to the first of the three American regattas, the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta, in the charming maritime port town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. It was a proper mix of flapping Dacron, wooden-hulled 12-meter yachts and cocktails at no less than three proper blue-blood yacht clubs. Oh, and there were a few cool watches, too. Read on for the full photo essay.


Sperry Figawi and Submersible Boot

Serious Water Footwear for the Boating Professional Men’s Submersible Boot Sure, we shot this in a bathtub, but one wear and you might start wearing it in the tub too. For the serious sailor or kayaker, footwear doesn’t get any better than this. In fact these submersible boots, made of genuine quick drying neoprene, were...

10 Day Atlantic Sailing Excursion | Part 3: Scraped Knuckles

[ Part 1: A Logical Choice | Part 2: The Best Way Back | Part 3: Scraped Knuckles ] May 3 – Dominican Republic: Glancing down at my red, scraped knuckles as I type, I am reminded of the hard work Cielo’s crew has been putting in to gear her up for the 1200-mile passage...

10 Day Atlantic Sailing Excursion | Part 2: The Best Way Back

[click on image to enlarge] [ Part 1: A Logical Choice | Part 2: The Best Way Back ] May 3 – Dominican Republic: Coming up for air and coughing up salt water that had made its way down my snorkel from the waves crashing on the reef, it was pitch black and we were...

10 Day Atlantic Sailing Excursion | Part 1: A Logical Choice

[click on image to enlarge] Editor’s Note: Gear Patrol asked, Kyle Westaway – founding partner of Westaway Law in New York City and reader of GP, to share his 10 day sailing excursion across the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Island of Culebra to Norfolk, Virginia. We hope you look forward to his stories log...

2007 Wallypower 118 Motor Yacht

Don’t call it a speedboat, but could you imagine yourself on the lake being pulled by this? It’s doubtful that the boat even has a tow-rope latch but it sure would be an experience, so long as it didn’t rip your arms off. There’s really not much further way to explain this thing other than...

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