Bad for running, worse for fighting

Combat Flip Flops

For a completely different idea on winning in Afghanistan, take a look at the brain child of two former Army Rangers and a friend. Working from the idea that we can’t kill our way to victory in a counter-insurgency conflict and from the inspired slogan, “Business, not bullets”, Combat Flip Flops ($65) promotes a strong Afghan economy to sustain and build on the successes of the past 10 years.

Defense Journal
All-terrain Slippers

Keen Ormond Slides

For the past decade, Keen shoes have made a name for themselves as worthy companions to both watery and terrestrial adventures. The company has leveraged its distinctive toe bumper design (originally to avoid stubbing toes on sailboat deck cleats) to make countless styles, everything from river running sandals to business casual lace-ups. So when the...

Your New Summer All-Season Sandal


Summer is here (well hopefully by you, in Maine it’s still Monsoon season..grrr). Either way, good sandals are irreplaceable and essential when it comes to the helter-swelter. After spending the last two years in the South, I became acquainted with the best sandals this side of Rainbows, and they’re Chaco’s. They have yet to make...

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