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Cooler than the Fonz

Schott A2 Slim Bomber

It's tough to wear a leather jacket nowadays without looking kind of... goofy. Most of the ones you find at the mall are pleather-looking, blobby, and look like crap in a couple years. Schott has been making their leather jackets since

Racer Redux

Schott Fitted Cafe Racer 660

It took a bit longer than usual this year for a mass of chill autumn air to displace the sweltering summer here in the East. Suddenly, we find ourselves amidst days and nights that call for stylish protection from the newly-arrived

Classic American Style That Never Gets Old

Schott NYC Classic Racer Motorcycle Jacket

schott-leather-jacket-lead-gear-patrol Here at Gear Patrol, we love the latest and greatest tech. We're easily wowed by newfangled gizmos with innovative functions and aesthetics. However, we hold in the highest esteem brands and products that have stood the test of time. Such items