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The 50 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

Part five of our series covers sci-fi and fantasy movies. Of all our sections, this was the most difficult to create: not because we argued over the selections (though we did), but because we argued over where to draw the line on what constitutes sci-fi and fantasy. For instance, does

Big things have small beginnings

Prometheus 4-Disc Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Ridley Scott’s perpendicularly plot-lined meta-prequel to Alien may have polarized fanboys, but no one can deny the beauty and complexity of Prometheus’s planetary vistas. While HD digital downloads have already been dropping jaws for quite some time, the upcoming Blu-ray release

Cost of Living

Limited time is often your enemy when it comes to creating engaging stories through film. Director by BenDavid Grabinski, however, manages to squeeze compelling Sci Fi action, suspense, and a ton of laugh out loud moments into his debut short entitled Cost of Living. Starring Brandon Routh (of Superman Returns

One of '09's Best Sci-Fi Films That You Might Have Missed

Moon (Blu-ray & DVD)

moon-blu-rayConsidering 2009's surplus of Sci-Fi blockbusters, it's easy to understand if director Duncan Jones's debut indie flick Moon passed you by. Released on Blu-ray today, in our opinion it's in a dead even race with District 9 for best Sci-Fi