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GP Excursion | 7 Days in Paradise: Diving Bonaire

If there’s one piece of advice I can give first-time visitors to Bonaire, it’s to skip the iguana stew. Maybe it was all the diving I’d done, but feeling adventurous, I ordered the local specialty at Rosie’s Inn in the small town of Rincon. Rosie’s is a café along the dusty, windy road in the...

Deep Depth, High Def

Liquid Image Scuba Series HD Video Camera Scuba Mask

It’s almost impossible to describe what it’s like to scuba dive to someone who hasn’t done it.  Since Jacques Cousteau’s epic film, The Silent World in 1953, divers have tried to bring back a little bit of the experience on film and megabyte, still and video. There have been any number of dedicated underwater cameras...

Dive Watch or Leviathan? How about both.

Korsbek Oceaneer

The new Korsbek Oceaneer is another high-quality dive watch emerging from the growing boutique market. We’ve touched on this trend before here at Gear Patrol, introducing you to companies like BaliHa’i and Zinex. These lines are a great place to find yourself a watch on par in quality with any well known brand; plus, you’ll...

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