Shooting Brake

5 doors to your heart

Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Both the first and second generation Merc CLS sedans are stunning. How do you improve on the looks? Go family style with the new Mercedes-Benz Shooting Brake, which is Eurospeak for station wagon. But this isn’t some Teutonic Family Truckster. With rakishly good looks that it inherits from the four door in the kind of...

The anti-wagon wagon

Citroën Numero 9 Concept

There are plenty of tasty vehicles we never get to see stateside, and though some we won’t lose sleep over, others cause us to drool with desire, like the Citroen Numero 9 Concept. About to make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show, this shooting-brake (European for three or five door station wagons) sports a...

Shooting what?

2012 Ferrari FF

Winter generally means two things: the grill gets covered and the Ferrari gets garaged. Luckily, Ferrari’s newest innovation should suppress any winter blues. The FF, a shooting brake, is Ferrari’s first car to come equipped with 4RM, the automaker’s first ever part-time all-wheel drive system. Have no fear; the team from Northern Italy didn’t sacrifice...

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