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Tenom Sled

Anyone who's ever been a kid knows that winter-long reputations can be made and broken on the sledding hill. And any dad worth his salt knows that acquiring an unbeatable mode of downhill transport is his own personal responsibility -- one that's not to be take lightly. The little ones should be shuttled over fresh powder on something sleek, impressive and enviable. Something like the Tenom Sled (~$129), designed by Konstantin Achkov.

Blow down the mountain

Snolo Sleds Stealth-X

If the dictionary was filled with pictures, you'd fine the Snolo Sleds Stealth-X ($3,000) nestled right next to the term "over-engineered". It's comprised of three distinct parts: a carbon fiber mono shell sitting area, a single front ski with foot

Lux Luger

Hublot Sledge

Usually, when materials like carbon fiber, steel, ash wood and hand-sewn leather come together you expect to hear them with the likes of Bentley or Rolls Royce. But in this case, they form the components of Hublot's luxury luge. Only ten

Alurunner Sled

alurunner-orange.jpg What do you get when you mix a a classic Radio Flyer ski sled, some aluminum polycarbonate, German engineering, and what we imagine to be an idea born from beer? You get stories that legends are made of. That and/or the Alurunner Sled. The Alurunner

Mad River Rocket Killer B


GP.REVIEW.gifSqueeze in one half sled, one half adrenaline rush and you've got yourself way to occupy the last of the winter months. If not, I'm sure the slopes in colder climates will serve just as well for

Airboard Classic 130

airboard.classic.130.jpg The Airboard Classic has been around for a few years and it's just as much fun in the snow each time you bust it loose from your closet. Just like a boogie board but on the hills and mountains nearby the Airboard makes inclines