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20 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Nothing ruins a backpacking trip like a terrible night's sleep (or a lack of clean underwear, but if you can't figure that one out you're beyond our help). A good sleeping bag is the key to staying warm and dry when you're crashing under the stars -- so you're at your best crossing that next 8,000 foot mountain pass. Sleeping bag tech has made its way into the space age in the last few years: your 20-year-old bag from summer camp or the Boy Scouts is no longer up to snuff. Here's our list of the best 20°F (or below) bags to ensure comfort and safety for three-season camping.

Putting the camp back in camping

Poler Camping Equipment

One look at Poler’s product line which includes phenomenal names such as the Duffaluffagus ($80), and items like the Napsack ($130), a wearable sleeping bag with sleeve holes and a hood, and you’ll quickly understand this is no Patagonia in the making. Instead, they’d rather focus on creating some hard-hitting camping gear with a pinch...

Well hung

Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag

The 24-hour news cycle can keep your head spinning if you don’t take some time to escape. Heck, the fact that we know who Justin Beiber is upsets us. Viscerally. Nonetheless, when the time comes for a relaxing weekend get-away, think about packing the Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag from Grand Trunk ($180) next to the...

What down side?

Sierra Designs DriDown Sleeping Bags

The next time you think Mother Nature has lost her edge to science, consider this fact. Despite all of the advanced synthetic insulators on the market today, no material boasts a better warmth to weight ratio than down. The trouble is that down’s got a serious achilles heel. As most outdoor enthusiasts know, its thermal...

Bear Grylls Meets Optimus Prime

JakPak All-In-One Jacket, Sleeping Bag & Tent

Preparing for a wet outing in the woods normally involves packing a solid rain shell, a warm sleeping bag and a weather-proof tent. Thanks to some seriously resourceful engineering, the JakPak Jacket ($250) serves as all three — granted with some sacrifices. Made from waterproof, flame retardant material, the jacket features an integrated and detachable...

Look funny, stay warm

Selk’Bag 3G

Remember the tent with no poles we reviewed here a while ago? Well, today we bring you another outdoor product from the “thinking outside the box” category: a sleeping bag with legs. The Selk’Bag, conceived of by a small company in Chile, is hardly a new idea. It was modeled and named after an indigenous...

Portable Protection From the Elements Done Right

Nemo Gogo LE Bivy

Bivy sacks represent an excellent shelter solution for any trailblazer seeking all-weather protection without dealing with the weight or pack bulk of a tent. Nemo’s Gogo LE Bivy represents a better solution than competing models though on a variety of fronts. First of all, thanks to its added length, the Gogo LE provides sleeper’s with...

The North Face Solar Flare Sleeping Bag

Simply put the North Face: Solar Flare sleeping bag is a hard core sleeping bag. It’s trapezoidal baffle construction, vaulted oxford-cloth lined footbox, goose down filling, breathable laminate shell make it one of the top bags out there. It will take you to -20 degrees (F) and take you there in comfort. Features: 7-chamber sculpted...

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