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36 gift ideas for the stylish man

12 Guys of Christmas: The Dapper Man

Nothing sets the teeth to rattling like the task of gift buying for a style zealot (except maybe an in-law's icy glare). Rolled or cuffed? four-in-hand or windsor? Double breasted or single? Brown or black? Personal style is, well, personal; a faux pas can have lasting consequences. That's why we're throwing

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Meet the concept cars of the sneaker world

Design Spotlight: Nike Elite Series 2.0

Nike has been a dominant force in basketball for years, equipping some of the game's biggest stars with footwear both on and off the court. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Nike Basketball Design Director, Leo Chang, to discuss the second generation of the Elite Series, a limited collection of kicks designed for Nike's premier athletes just in the time for playoff season. Given the stakes, the series which originally launched last year, provides a unique opportunity for Leo and his team to push what's possible. It's about designing the best for the best, when limitations have left the building.

You wish you were this flexible

Nike Free Trainer 5.0

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 is the latest generation of the footwear company's ultra successful Free (no, not that kind of free) line and was inspired by Chinese finger traps. Yup, you read that right.

Gift Guide
36 gift ideas for the stylish man

12 Guys of Christmas: The Dapper Man

Nothing sets the teeth to rattling like the task of gift buying for a style zealot (except maybe an in-law's icy glare). Rolled or cuffed? four-in-hand or windsor? Double breasted or single? Brown or black? Personal style is, well, personal; a faux pas can have lasting consequences. That's why we're throwing

Style Pick: Converse x Reigning Champ Chuck Taylors

Vancouver-based Reigning Champ partnered with Converse, to release a customized version of the sneaker that started it all. The limited run Chuck Taylor features R.C's iconic fleece as a base fabric in classic heather gray or navy blue. A blue Oxford

Walk a Mile? Try Running 1,000.

UK Gear PT-1000 Running Shoes

UK Gear's PT-1000 ($130) running shoes don't look like anything special -- at least until you notice the presence of the crown and sword logo, which signifies the British Military's seal of approval. See, unlike your current trainers, a pair

Newport, Welcome to Cali

OBEY x Generic Surplus Plimsoll

There are a million plimsolls (that's British for rubber soled canvas shoe) out there vying to be your go to kicks for summer. These options from OBEY and Generic Surplus deserve special attention on your part thanks to how well

Revamping a 20 Year Classic

Adidas Red & White ZX8000

The Adidas ZX 8000 isn't a new shoe. In fact, the style is over 20 years old. This new red and white colorway simply gives the shoe a more modern look appropriate for the streets of 2011. Outside of the bold

Subtly Skater

Supra Belay Slip Ons

Fall and winter may be prime boot season, but if you love the feel of sneakers then these new for 2010 Supra Belay Slip Ons ($65) should work for casual occasions. Thanks to their slim low-profile and lace detailing,

Kenny Powers Endorses Them. Need We Say More?

K-Swiss Tubes Run 100

K-Swiss may be known for their classic tennis and street sneakers, but with theTubes Run 100 ($75)they're hoping to change that. Sold in ten different color

Nothing Like Your Dad's Pair

New Balance M850RGW

Those not tuned in to the sneaker scene might be surprised to see a pair of New Balances "peacocking" with such a bright street inspired color package. Especially with the classic 850 shoe which was originally produced back in 1991.

Summer Footwear Isn't Always About Pastels

Keds Champion Chambray Sneakers

Chambray has become the Kudzu of the fabric world, slowly coating every kind of men's fashion product in its path. The latest victim: classic Champion sneakers by Keds, which are now available in two different chambray options of flint grey

Royal Name, Vassal Price

Clae Ellington

Looking for a comfortable but stylish alternative to Converse or Vans sneakers? Take a gander at the Clae Ellington ($95). Made from either canvas or leather, both materials enhance the shoe's silhouette in different ways (styles and

Classic Basketball Style from 69' to Now

Adidas Originals Superstar 2 NBA 2010


Adidas Original Superstars first graced the feet of basketball players back in 1969. They were the first low-top basketball sneaker to feature an all-leather upper and a rubber shell toe. Staying true to their heritage, this year's Original Superstar 2 designed

Beijing Style You Can Now Call Your Own

Warrior Footwear Classics


Since 1935, Warrior Footwear has been a household name in China. Known as one of the original sporting shoe brands for Chinese athletes, not much has changed with these shoes despite the years that have passed, except that American's now

The Anti-Shoe

MBT Shuguli GTX


We know you've seen the commercials for toning sneakers on TV. Seriously, what guy isn't a fan of the Reebok ads? Perhaps you've considered buying a pair for your girlfriend. Perhaps you've considered buying yourself a pair. No matter what

It's All in The Details

Gucci Retro Leather Trainers


It's time to throw pragmatism out the window, or at least put it on hold for the next paragraph or so. Clean and basic, with perfect amount of color flash for standing out in sea of Converse and Vans, these white

For the Casual Skater in All of Us

Vans Chukka Low 2009


Before the year officially comes to a close, it might be a good idea to take a second glance at the 2009 lineup of Vans Chukka Low styles. Above, we've gathered some of the more conservative colors of the batch and

Funky Name, Funky Shoe (A Good Thing)

Onitsuka Tiger | Tsunahiki Lo Black


Originally established in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger has been experiencing a modern day resurrection and is riding a tsunami of momentum with fresh updates to their classic designs. Born from old school 1900-1920 Olympic Tug of War shoes, Onitsuka Tiger combines

Like It's Not Even There

Nike LunarGlide+


Most hardcore runners swear by their Brooks, Saucony, and Asics shoes. Nike, not really known for true runners, shows that the shoe behemoth has a few tricks up their sleeves socks with the LunarGlide+. The LunarGlide+ is an extraordinarily comfortable running

High-End Street Meets Luxury

Jump Vanquish

<p jump-sneakers-1-gear-patrol Women have heels, we have sneakers. Like our better halves, sometimes you just can't have too many pairs, especially when it comes to high-tops. Here at Gear Patrol, we've always been fans of Converse, but sometimes you want some

Channel Your Inner Mao

Feiyue Sneakers


By Guest Writer and Outdoor Enthusiast Roger Dawkins Feiyue sneakers are so satisfying. I just got them and from the minute I laced them up I felt the exact same feeling you get when you're running late but you get a

Vintage Soles With Modern Soul

PF Flyers: Fly Style High Tops


Sometime after being developed by BF Goodrich in 1933 and after helping Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez escape the Beast in The Sandlot, PF Flyers reinvented themselves. Branching out from their functional roots, the company has aggressively sought to revamp

Athletic Gear Exactly the Way You Want It


nikeid-gearpatrol While we all appreciate having the best athletic gear, few things bum a man out more than showing up on the playing field and seeing three other guys wearing the exact same product in the exact same color. The updated NIKEiD

Converse 1HUND(RED) #79 Tokyo Police Club

Converse-Tokyo-Police-Club-No.-79.jpg Converse recently dropped a sweet new pair of their famous All-Stars this past holiday season. Spotted during some shopping at Bloomingdales in New York, this editor could barely slap down his girlfriend's credit card fast enough. Read: present... I swear. These kicks are a part

Supra Footwear


When it comes to buying a pair of sneakers, I’m on a mission. I probably own far more than I need, but rocking the same pair everyday isn’t my thing and as a Gear Patrol

Salomon XT Challenge

Set Your Training Free


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being cooped up in my gym. With Fall rapidly approaching there aren't that many more chances to make my workouts al fresco either. But if you're like me, you're turning

Original Penguin Jingle Sneakers

[click on image to enlarge]

It's impossible for me to get enough sneakers. Every year I use three out of the four seasons as an excuse to upgrade my alabaster kicks. A bit much, I know. Enter

Under Armour Proto Evade

[click on image to enlarge]

Pre-dawn. Alone in an abandoned warehouse. My only company, remains of former glory, the tires and cinderblocks I use as workout tools. Er... actually, I’m at my bright and somewhat sterile

Made for Beijing, by Adidas


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo If you haven't sacrificed years of your life to training and you're not already in Beijing, chances are slim that you'll be at the Olympics this year. Like most Americans, including myself, you'll probably spend part of your August 8th

Puma Cell Meio

puma-cell-meio.jpgIf you're looking for a sharp pair of sneakers that will follow you from the gym to a night out then the Puma Cell Meio may be one of your better bets out there. The Cell Meio blends a dress shoe style upper

Lacoste Proof 2 Leather and Mesh Sneakers


The Lacoste Proof 2 is an update to the Proof, a retro-inspired sneaker that uniquely combines leather and mesh. We're obviously fans of white sneakers here at Gear Patrol and so, why the hell not show you another pair we own. The Lacoste lace-up

Lacoste Radius

lacoste.graphite.white.pollen.classicred.jpgJust because you own a pair of sneakers doesn't mean you shouldn't own another. Well, at least that's our take. If you're finding yourself in the market for a pair of kicks for this coming Spring then take a look at the Radius

Alexander McQueen | Puma AMQ Tendon Low Sneakers


The AMQ Tendon Low sneaker is a product that demonstrates good things can come from co-designed products. The Alexander McQueen line from PUMA is a one you probably don't know about but should.

Our recent procurement of the AMQ Tendon Low is a mix