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Style Pick: Etiquette Clothiers Mid-Calf Socks

Drop subtle, or not so subtle hints of your inner taste and personality with Mid-Calf Socks ($60). Made in Italy from 30/1 Italian combed cotton with a perfect toe seaming — they’re a luxury your feet and style commentators are bound to appreciate. At $20 a pop, though, we’d suggest letting them loose only on special occasions. You’re upcoming Tough Mudder run doesn’t count.

When these fibers combine...

Dahlgren Socks

While we prefer the warmer, sockless months, the colder ones are just a fact of life. And as such, the right socks are critical. You want to look good, maybe show some ankle flair, and most importantly keep your feet dry.

Style Pick: Beams Plus Melange Socks

Inventory Magazine: The socks by Beams Plus offer a great way to mix some bright colors into your outfit in a subtle way. The 3 colors available all bring some interesting combination. Made in Japan, the mix of fabrics offer

Educate Your Feet

Smartwool Socks


In the world of socks, somewhere between your dress socks and your athletic socks, exists a weird limbo zone. I'm talking about socks that can be worn with some casual shoes and jeans, without having that now-dreaded white cotton showing (apparently

Overengineered Socks

Blacksocks Sockscription

blacksocks-sockscription For some reason that I fail to grasp, I burn through dress socks faster than any man I know. Whether it's the 2+ miles I walk every day or some freak-of-nature method in which I put my socks on, I still

Gold Toe English Ribbed Lisle Socks

Gold-Toe-English-Ribbed-Lisle.jpgI hate buying socks. You see, my feet are on the lower end of the average dress sock's ridiculous "one size fits all" option. Who's bright idea was it to offer one sock to fit feet ranging from size 6

Adidas ClimaCool Cushion No Show Socks

Adidas-ClimaCool-Cushion-No-Show-Socks.jpgSummer's in full swing and you're out there giving it your all. You’re sporting best equipment, rackets, clubs, shoes and apparel and we know that because you’re an avid Gear Patrol reader. But there's one thing you've overlooked. We’re talking about your feet.

Tommy Hilfiger Socks

th_socks.jpgUnderwear and socks often go forgotten when it comes to quality. People just don't realize that this first line of apparel defense are the staple of comfort. Don't skimp. That doesn't mean value isn't there to be found. These comfortable cotton socks from Tommy