An Entire Tool Box in the Palm of Your Hand

The Best Multitools of 2016

Whether it's to save space in your pack or saving trips back to the tool box at home, a great multi-tool is worth the investment. These are our picks for 2016.

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Today in Gear: March 22, 2016

Canvas tennis shoes from K-Swiss, a bracelet to keep sharks at bay, iPhone cases that keep your device tethered and much more.

Live From Salt Lake City

Best of Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2014

You know it's time for another Outdoor Retailer show when South Main Street in Salt Lake City is populated by fat bikes, single-wheeled skateboards and tan people with good beards. We had boots on the ground at the Salt Palace Convention Center for the summer 2014 edition of the biannual product show; of everything we touched, tasted and saw, this gear stood out most.

Quick Draw Specialist

Sog Flashback

A knife is a knife is a knife, right? To the unprepared, yes. But you can’t just pick one up from the local flea market and expect it to hold up when you need it most. In any instance, a knife is only helpful if it's at the ready, but how often do you have both hands free during a one-man project? This is where the SOG Flashback ($100) shines. It’s widely known as the fastest assisted-opening blade on the market today and is also solidly constructed, handsome and impressively durable.

Knife Light

SOG Blade Light

Cut down on your EDC bulk by combining a couple of items into one. No, the smartphone/cigar lighter hasn’t been invented yet. Until it is, you can occupy your time with the SOG Blade Light, a combination 3.9 inch 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel folding knife and LED flashlight that cuts through the darkness and other evil...

Throw. Roar. Repeat.

SOG Battle Axe

Multitools are great, and SOG has done a damn fine job of proving to us that their tools are high-caliber, but sometimes you just want something big, burly, and chuckable. What better way to inspire your inner-Viking than unsheathing and ferociously hurling a battle axe at a target, prey, or zombie? No, not in Gauntlet....

Peerless Pinching Power

SOG PowerAssist

We’ve already taken the opportunity to introduce you to a few of SOG’s outstanding blade offerings. Now we’d like you to meet one of their more versatile products, the PowerAssist multitool. To be clear, SOG offers a bevy of useful pocket powerhouses in their multipurpose tool line. The PowerAssist represents a great smattering of useful...

Tactical Meets Practical

SOG Specialty Knives

The knife is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. This is certainly true, but a man’s knife is so much more. The honed expression of the simplest machines, a good knife is an ever-ready and infinitely handy companion. Here at Gear Patrol, we believe that a knife can be equal parts evocative and...

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