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Today in Gear: October 18, 2013

The-Shrine-Storage-Cube-Gear-Patrol The Shrine Storage Cube
Designer Sigurd Larsen drew inspiration for his storage cube -- a nest of locked drawers and cubbies perfect for hiding away every gadget and gewgaw you've got on hand -- from "the labyrinth courtyards of

Free your TV

Sonos Playbar

Ever since Sonos entered the streaming audio biz, couch potatoes with money to blow have wondered when they’d get some wireless TLC of their own. The Sonos Playbar ($699) is their long-awaited answer, boasting nine total drivers (six mid woofers and three tweeters), each powered by their own Class D amplifier.

Free Bass'n

Sonos Sub

Sonos’ Play:3 wireless HiFi speakers were a huge hit when they were first released in the middle of last year. Great sounding audio quality from a wireless product isn’t always guaranteed, but the Play:3 did the trick. The one the portable

Well Sounded

Sonos Play 3

Long before AirPlay was on the scene, Sonos products made streaming music wirelessly throughout the home an easy affair. The company’s new Play 3 ($299) speaker is no exception. Designed to act on its own as a small but mighty

Better Duds For Better Sound

Sonos S5 Black

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is back in its evening duds with the Sonos S5 Black ($399). Same package, different color. A good thing since the Sonos S5 is already a well-simplified, great sounding, portable home system. 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range

Wireless Audio Solutions for Any Size Home

Sonos ZonePlayer S5


At the last Gear Patrol management meeting, my dirty little secret was exposed. I don't own an audio system. No stereo, no home theater system, just a clock radio. After Ben and Eric picked their respective jaws up

Here And There, Far And Near. Let There Be Music.

Sonos Digital Music System


A man's music collection and the equipment he has to play it in many ways serves as a make shift gauge of character and temperament. Though of course that opening sentence could be the start to an excellent rant on the

Easy As 1, 2, S5

Sonos S5 ZonePlayer Music System


You're a busy guy. You like things simple, and you like things to work, and you like it to work well. You like listening to your tunes and Quick Mixes where and how you want them. The new Sonos S5