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Some like it hot

Stoli Hot Vodka

Add kick and a little heat to your dirty vodka martini or bloody mary with a splash of 75 proof Stolichnaya’s "Hot" flavored vodka. Vodka-enthusiasts may be more familiar with this fiery jalapeno-infused liquor back when it was known as Stoli

Spicing Up Meals, Cajun Style

Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

tony-chacheres-original-creole-seasoning1Salivating over our recipe for Steak au Poivre got me thinking about how long preparing even the most basic meat recipes can seem after a full day's work. The trouble is, unless you've got a prime, aged, bone-in porter house, cooking

Naga Jolokia | The World’s Hottest Chile Pepper

Naga-Jolokia-The-World's-Hottest-Chile-Pepper.jpgYou spice-ophiles need to direct your eyes to this little gem. The Naga Jolokia is the world's hottest chili, confirmed by Guinness World Records. It measures in at a digestive tract melting 1,001,300 Scoville units (Jalapenos measure 2,500-10,000 units). It cannot even be