The Sportsman Issue

Go where no man has gone before

10 Best Sportsman’s All-Terrain Vehicles

These ATVs and UTVs are designed for sportsmen, farmers, ranchers and outdoor off-road lovers. They're built with the mindset that hauling a load can be a darn good time, as long as it involves a gas pedal.

The Sportsman Issue
Small but Mighty

The Long of It: A Sportsman’s Guide to the .22 Rifle

Many think that bigger is better when it comes to guns, but the life of the sportsman tends to be more refined and event specific. Case in point: the .22 rifle, which fires a diminutive round at lower speeds and shorter distances than its big-bored brethren, though its popularity is virtually unparalleled.

Sportsman Issue
The Basest (and Best) of Nature Resorts

Elements: Hunting Camp

From practical to (slightly) luxurious, all the necessary gear to outfit a hunting camp.

Sportsman Issue
Better Good than Lucky

How to Shoot a Shotgun Like a Pro

It's easier than you think. And if you want to hit your targets out in the field, practicing with clay pigeons is your best bet.

Sportsman Issue
In the Woods with Dad on a January Deer Hunt

Fresh Tracks, Flintlock Rifles

Trying to kill venison in wintry north Pennsylvania is hard. Doing it with a weapon invented 400 years ago can be an exercise in futility. But there's also no better reminder that hunting is about much more than just bagging game.

Sportsman Issue
Shoot Like It's 1799

How To Load and Fire A Black Powder Rifle

To use a flintlock rifle effectively, one must become a master at two processes that are at first clumsy and arduous: loading and firing.

Sportsman Issue
Hunt like a Man, Cook like a Chef, Eat like a King

The Dish: Charcoal-Grilled Pheasant

Pheasant has flown across the world, landing in dozens of cultures' kitchens over the centuries. And for good reason: it's delicious. Bryce Shuman, head chef at NYC's Betony, provides a step-by-step guide to cooking pheasant over a charcoal grill.

Sportsman Issue
Do Your Own Dirty Work

From Kill to Grill, Prepare Pheasant Like a Michelin-Star Chef

Prepping a freshly killed pheasant is significantly more complicated than pointing and shooting. Lucky for you, Bryce Shuman, head chef at Betony, a Michelin Star-rated New York eatery, has provided a step-by-step guide to cleaning, eviscerating and aging your bird.

Sportsman Issue
Birds Have Feathers, We Have This

Kit: Pheasant Hunting

Gear as rugged and tough as the dirt under your boots. This is upland hunting gear, South Dakota-sized.

Sportsman Issue

Viewfinder: Who We Are

"Who We Are" follows Donnie Vincent and his team of hunters through the Northwest Territories, 20 miles south of the Arctic Circle, drawn to the wilderness by an irresistible yearning.

Sportsman Issue

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