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9,000 miles away, a paradise of adventure

3 Weeks in Sri Lanka: Serendipity and Happy Accidents

Editor’s Note: Gear Patrol Correspondent Jason Heaton was dispatched 9,000 miles from Minneapolis to Sri Lanka with the goal of chasing down as much adventure in three weeks as possible. As you’ll read below, he didn’t disappoint. On a dusk drive looking for elephants, we happened upon an old goat herder on the roadside, his...

Jason Heaton Takes On Sri Lanka’s Hill Country By Bicycle

Sri Lanka In Spandex

By the middle of Day Three, Upali’s knee could take no more. Turning the cranks caused him shooting pain and his knee was starting to swell. We had 1,500 metres of climbing ahead of us, and he wisely chose to flag down a tuk-tuk to take him on ahead. When they disappeared from sight, I...

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