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Delorean Bicycles

A new collaboration between Stephen Wynne of Delorean Motor Company and Marc Moore, a passionate cyclist and entrepeneur, breathes new life into an icon of the ’80s in the best possible way (short of actually working out time travel, of course). While most bike makers are currently working in carbon fiber and other exotic materials,...

Shot Class

The Bullet Cocktail Shaker by Metrokane

For some strange reason, bar tools have consistently remained the lone torch carrier for Art Deco styling, long after the movement’s influences faded from architecture, cars, and graphic design. The 18/8 stainless steel Bullet Cocktail Shaker by Metrokane ($20) epitomizes this trend better than most and should up the caliber of your next home soiree,...

See the Time, All the Time

Swiss Military Watch Analog Date Commando Diver

Whether it’s a Panerai, Hamilton, Citizen, or Lum-Tec, they all have one thing in common: power. Specifically, a need of an energy source to power its lume. Swiss Military Watch (SMW) takes a different approach to illumination. They use H3 technology in their watches. H3, or tritium, is the third isotope of hydrogen and when...

Stewart-Stand Stainless Steel Wallet

Get Your Benjamins Some Armor At the last happy hour I went to I rolled in with my cash well protected. In fact, I was the only one there with a stainless steel wallet, more than just money well-protected – it’s an instant ice breaker. Woven with thousands of stainless steel fibers, the Stewart-Stand wallet...

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