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Today in Gear: April 5, 2016

A backpack that you can customize, a percolator that adapts to your needs, a tent that accommodates crowds and much more.

Some Help for the Man who Needs None

17 Perfect Gifts for the DIYer

The DIYer, naturally, does things for himself. Surprise him with gifts that foster his creativity and suit his talents.

12 Guys of Christmas
Master Your Domain

The Ultimate Tool Kit

This is the ultimate tool kit, tailored to the apartment renter, condo dweller, homeowner and professional contractor.

Merino Wool Stocking Not Included

Stocking Stuffers: Outdoors

16 of the best affordable gifts for campers and outdoorsmen.

Stocking Stuffers
Twelve Gifts For The Handiest of Men

The 12 Guys of Christmas: The Do-It-Yourselfer

Today’s handyman is far more than a mere fixer of household problems. Armed with knowledge and the right tools, no task is too complex for their capable hands, from fine carpentry and engine work to maintaining wi-fi-based home ecosystems. They deserve celebration and appreciation -- and yet, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, they are an incredibly humble breed, their most cherished rewards being the result of a hard day’s work. We’ve put together a dozen gift ideas guaranteed to boost enthusiasm, bolster abilities and foster talents for the do-it-yourselfer in your life.

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Live From Salt Lake City

Best of Outdoor Retailer, Summer 2014

You know it's time for another Outdoor Retailer show when South Main Street in Salt Lake City is populated by fat bikes, single-wheeled skateboards and tan people with good beards. We had boots on the ground at the Salt Palace Convention Center for the summer 2014 edition of the biannual product show; of everything we touched, tasted and saw, this gear stood out most.

Armoring up for battle with frigid surf

Kit: Winter Surfing

When it comes time to hit the surf and temps are in the 30s rather than the 70s, the right gear is the difference between channeling Bodhi and becoming intimate with the symptoms of hypothermia. While it's admittedly tough to be toasty in water less than half your body's normal temperature, with the right kit you can at least pursue your hobby and live to tell about it. Below are our picks for the gear you'll need for winter surfing.

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Time to get hammered

Nailed It: 5 Best Hammers

Of all the tools in a man’s workshop, his hammer is perhaps the most personal. Chances are you still have your first forged striker, but we'll forgive you an upgrade; it really is time. You'd be surprised how much hammer tech has come, but in the end, it's still all about hitting the nail on the head. Here are five of our favorites for beginners to the most hardened steel swingers out there -- whether you loop it, or let it hang from a belt is entirely up to you.

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The Tale of the Tape

Stanley PowerLock: An Icon Turns 50

Since 1963, we've enjoyed six generations of the Corvette and five versions of the Mustang. Nine different Presidents have called the White House home and we have listened to vinyl give way to tape, CDs and eventually the digital download. We've also had 50 years of the Stanley PowerLock tape measure, a product that has clearly stood the test of time and continues to enjoy its reign at the top.

Celebrating 100 years as working man's best friend

Stanley 100th Anniversary Vacuum Bottle

If you’ve ever ventured into a cold winter morning with your old man, there’s a good chance you’ve drunk coffee the best way it’s served: piping hot, with steam rising out of the top of an old Stanley Thermos’s cap cup. To celebrate 100 years of that stoic pea-green metal friend, Stanley is releasing its...

From drive to desk, with nary a drip

Stanley Adventure Multi-use Bottle

Stanley’s classic all steel vacuum bottles have been a fixture of campsites and worksites for decades, thanks to their durable design and excellent sealing. The Adventure Multi-use Bottle ($10) is a natural progression from those classic roots. The versatile screw-off body makes the bottle easy to clean and also pulls double duty as a 24...

Fizzle, Out.

Stanley Nineteen 13 Carbonated Drink Bottle

There are plenty of canteens designed to keep your beverage of choice ice cold or piping hot. But we’ve never come across one dedicated to the carbonated side of the drink spectrum until now. The Stanley Nineteen 13 Carbonated Drink Bottle ($24) features a high-pressure design for keeping soda — or more importantly, beer —...

Your New Retro Drinking Companion

Stanley Classic Black 8 oz Flask

Created as the working man’s go to brand for taking food or coffee to a job, the Stanley classic black flask ($20) brings the same quality to your booze of choice. Though it may not have the panache of shinier options out there, we actually prefer this flask’s dark utilitarian looks and sneakable size. Made...

Relevant Power In Your Car

Stanley 100 Watt Power Inverter

Cigarette lighters in a car are about as relevant as leaded fuel and not to sound presumptious to our smoking readers, but the convenience of having a regular AC outlet, to this particular writer, trumps inefficient cigarette ignition. A recent procurement, the Stanley 100 Watt Power Inverter helps alleviate the nuiscance by providing a 110...

Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar Utility Bar

One tool. Total Destruction. Or so that’s what we imagine could also be the slogan for the Stanley FatMax Xtreme FuBar Utility Bar, a one piece forged bar from select steel that will break apart anything you swing it at. The textured grip will hold tightly even when wet and tempered steel means no chipping....

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