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Meat for the Masses

MoB | Hunting for the Bargain Steak

We've been blessed with a very high quality supply of meat in this inaugural Month of Beef, but the reality of life is that there isn't always a Wagyu beef cache and a hot cast iron pan in arm's

Extra Rare

MoB | Lesser-Known Cuts of Beef

You know the rib-eye, T-bone, porterhouse and NY strip, but how about the tri-tip, bavette or flat-iron? Expanding your repertoire of steak choices graduates you from a one trick pony to a culinary stallion of meat mastery. The tenderloin, that

Chef by a thousand cuts

Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer

Just because you can’t afford to eat grass-fed Wagyu every day, doesn’t mean you have to accept the status quo from lesser cuts when it comes to flavor or texture. That’s where tenderizing your meat comes into play. While the usual

Tasty like steak, healthy like chicken

High Plains Bison

Summer’s here, and we can't think of a better way to welcome it than grilling. Instead of reaching for the standard red meat, may we recommend bison? With only 45% of the calories and about 10% of the fat, bison

It's what's for dinner.

35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks

We love a great steakhouse but shelling out coin for a healthy dose of pomp and circumstance isn't always our preference. The problem is, access to exceptional meat isn't always readily available or convenient. Luckily there's a secret on this fantastic

Steak Au Poivre

steak-au-poivreFirst, Gear Patrol brought you the Gear Burger. The response was as robust as its grilled Kobe beef. That got us thinking about other man-approved recipes. There's nothing more central to the male paradigm than steak. Surprisingly,

Arthur’s Tavern

Restaurant Review

By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo Recession proof steakhouse.

New York is full of famous steak houses. There's Peter Luger's, Wolfgang's (not Puck), and of course the infamous Sparks (where a certain Gambino crime boss met his

Kansas City Strip Steak


What have you got planned for dinner this weekend? Might I suggest you look into stopping by your local butcher and picking up a few ribeyes, filets, or in this case, a Kansas City Strip Steak from the Kansas City Steak Company. The

The Big Kahuna at AJ’s Steakhouse

ajs.steakhouse.steak.image.jpgAs a guy we imagine you've probably had your fair share of steaks. Cutting into a juicy searing hot medium rare porterhouse falls into the top 10 reasons why you love being a guy. If you're ever in or passing through the Iowa area